I had ordered some special desserts for Imtiaz who came from all over to have lunch/tea with me at The Sumbs. Of course, they were all from SukaSucre. Basically, we had the famous Kekonut: a moist orange cake with crispy pastry and ganache outside it, eaten with a butterscotch sauce. We had the Madagascar Vanilla Creme Brulee, crispy on the surface, and creamy on the inside. And of course, we had the macarons: Pina Colada flavoured – Coconut macaron shells with pineapple ganache in between. Everyone took photos of it longer than they actually savoured it. I’m glad everyone loved them!

All images from Nur Haziyah.

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Here are more pictures during EraFM’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party with Dato’ Fazley where I was paired with my actor/friend, Sazrin Aizul, to decorate a cake for charity. I loved the apron haha!

More pictures from Adam Yusof.



I wouldn’t think that after almost a decade being involved in the music business, I would suddenly be thrown into the food and beverage business. Well, that’s mainly because Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s venture into patisserie has also led us, the FIPRO artistes and his family too, to be directly or indirectly involved. For me, with my marketing edge, I wanted to take a heads-on, hands-on approach. I went ahead to plan a lot of the promotions, especially online marketing, for Dato’s brand, SukaSucre. Currently, I’ve become the Chief Creative Officer behind the brand, and I am responsible to make the products available nationwide and God-willing, worldwide. Alhamdulilah, I get better at the things I love doing because I love doing my work! Get it?

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The pictures above are from Adam Yusof during EraFM’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party.

10 years ago, I was involved in a project with Singapore-born electronica musician, Vijay Singh a.k.a. The Sleepwalker, in which I sang in almost every song on his compilation album. It has been that long! The album introduced me to other electronic producers at that time, and it united me with the Hiphop heads from the Lion City. Congratulations Vijay, it has been a decade! Who would have thought.




I got to be a part of Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party with EraFM held at The Sumbs Cafe, Shah Alam where I participated with my friend, fellow FIPRO artiste, Sazrin Aizul for the cake decorating challenge. The cakes that decorated, not baked ya, were auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to a flood victim fund-raiser. I had the honour of having Chef Joe from MasterChef Malaysia fame comment on our work, and you know what he said? “The person who decorated this happens to be someone sentimental, can be somewhat regimental, likes rules and abide by them. Which one of you is it?” He asked me and Sazrin. It clearly was me! I suppose he was right. You wanna see the cake?

I got to sing “Setulus Kasih” for the first time infront of some media friends, and was interviewed too, in which I kept repeating my story about “the new album does not include any sad songs”. Let’s see how long we can keep up with his happiness streak. Forever I hope!

Thank you to Clora Studio for the images!

After Beyonce bombing the internet with her visual album and full album available only via iTunes, I felt like the earth shook a bit. Here I am trying to release 1 humble ballad for my followers and she had to remind me that time is ticking for the pop artiste. So let’s get going.

To be honest, a whole chunk of footage shot in Coburg, Germany of Setulus Kasih went missing somewhere between France, Netherlands, Malaysia and Singapore. It was basically me lip-syncing against a beautiful 11 degree backdrop but I’ve moved on. I figured that since the music video doesn’t have a storyline, we can make do with the other footage. I’m OK.

However, I can’t call it a music video. I’ll call it “Official Audio Visual”, it drops January latest. The song is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon. Ring the alarm! 

When I was exactly 15 years old, I was introduced to cable television. To make people want to subscribe to watch more American comedies, National Geographic, CNN, and most importantly, for me, MTV, the cable TV company frequently allows basic tier subscribers to preview other channels for free sometimes for a full week. It was the school holidays when I experienced for the first time, true R&B music never before I’ve experienced other than the R&B/pop hybrids from the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. This came in the form of a falsetto-singing afro-man named Maxwell. Because of this one single experience, I discovered HIS influences; Marvin Gaye, Prince, Donnie Hathaway, and more Prince, and eventually I discovered his contemporaries such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, D’Angelo and more. This one video changed everything for me.

The song, the lyrics, the music, the guitars, the music video. It was the first time I had done so much homework on an artiste and I wanted to find out where did he come from, what else is he working on. I had even bought a video TAPE off Amazon online, the first thing I ever bought online too, and it was shipped to Singapore, and I had watched it on repeat, well, “til the cops come knockin'” (Please find out what this pun means). I didn’t have YouTube back then. So basically MTV was my only source of what’s new and what’s hot. I can’t sing like him, I can’t even try, but to know that this world outside Malay pop-rock, and Top 40s blew my mind! I had learnt so much from this one Afro dude. I know most of his songs by heart, except for his latest work. (You might recognize him for his duet with Alicia Keys!)

I sang his song, and just like how people tweet to me when they’re out karaoke-ing my tunes, I tweeted to him. Guess what? He replied! I was ecstatic! I was 15 all over again. If I didn’t have 140,000 followers, I would have probably told him that I’m a big fan and shamelessly promoted my own videos, but it would have been so tacky. I should respect his space. He replied to me, I should treasure that and just shut up. Urban Hang Suite, Embrya (I have 3 copies, I don’t know!), Black Summer’s Night, The Best Man Soundtrack, Life Soundtrack, the list goes on! I have your remixes, dude! Your ‘Seguranca’! This one guy changed everything I know about music and he doesn’t even know it. I suppose that’s just a reminder for me, that when I can, I’ll reply to my followers, because you know, it might just spark something in them! Thank you Maxwell, you are the reason! I hope I am the reason for someone out there too.

Terima kasih sudi baca 🙂


I had the great privilege of owning a premium WeChat account where our login is not via the mobile app, but via desktop/web. With this function, I’m allowed to broadcast messages including audio and video files to my followers. What started out as a humble 400 following for quite sometime had skyrocketed to 1700 followers in the past week. I’ve been promoting for people to “follow” me to have a sneak peak at the ‘Setulus Kasih’ song that I was going to share to only my WeChat followers. Based on my previous experience, it might take up to 2 hours for everyone to receive my message(s). I had uploaded the 30 second clip at 8pm and even though I said I’d start chatting at 10pm to 11pm, I started at 6pm right through til 1am! Thank you WeChat Malaysia for believing in me wanting to try something new with my music.

Terima kasih juga kepada semua yang download WeChat hanya semata-mata nak dengar lagu ‘Setulus Kasih’. Ada yang dah memang terror dah, dia yang mengajar kita gambar dan audio yang saya hantar boleh share ke Moments untuk tatapan contacts yang lain. Ada yang banyak pulak soalan tanya macam-macam semasa sesi chat tapi saya OK jer. Maaf kepada mereka yang “follow” akaun saya selepas pukul 8malam, tak dapatlah dengar previu lagu tu! Next time ya. Terima kasih memberi sokongan kepada lagu baru saya ya. Insya-Allah, kita chatting lagi! Thank you semua!



Join me this Sunday as I reveal my latest single “Setulus Kasih” exclusively on WeChat. All you have to do is download the WeChat app from your favourite app store, look for ImranAjmain2525 and follow me! You will receive the snippet between 8pm to 10pm, and we will start chatting then for a full hour! I’m expecting a crowd, so please be patient! Do your part and Retweet, Like, Repost this image above.

“Setulus Kasih” is written by Reyza Hamizan and is the first single off the album of the same title.

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I have given it much thought. As an artiste, sometimes it is hard to block out the noise from the outside world and focus on your craft. A painter can remain faceless and most of the time, nameless too. Yet we can appreciate their art work and even those who have something to say, the painter remains oblivious. He has no-one to please. But that is not similar for a pop artiste. The art of making music, as a singer-songwriter, is distracted by first, the need to become famous to get any sort of attention for their work, and secondly, to remain relevant as the years passed. With days gone by, and the initial fans grow up and sometimes grow out of touch, the artiste needs to keep up with the game; frequently having to resort to writing music similar to what’s hot out there, and frequently reminded that, without that compromise, one wouldn’t be able to last.

Guess what? I don’t believe in it. I believe pure talent know that they only need to push through the noise, accompanied by a handful of true supporters, they will soar great heights. I have allowed myself since 2009 to not come up with anything new. Let me start with this 1 song first. The title is ‘Setulus Kasih’ and it is written and composed by upcoming singer-songwriter-composer Reyza Hamizan. The album will be titled ‘Setulus Kasih’ as well. And it’s about your pure love to me.

Setulus Kasih FB banner

Join me this Sunday 17 Nov 2013 10pm on WeChat. Find “imranajmain2525” and you will receive a voice-note, a preview of my new song, and we can chat for an hour after that! How about it?


I looked so different! That baby girl must be at 5 years old by now. Her name is Cempaka. She played my “son” in the “Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang” music video, who, grew up to be Ferdaus Tajuddin, the real son of Taj from Innuendo. Fun facts for tonight! Wow, time flies huh?

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Last Saturday, I was in Singapore to have my key taken by the one and only Pak Ngah for the concert to be held at the Esplanade on the 1st of January next year. The concert is to honour songs written by Cikgu Yusnor Ef. In a night of 26 songs, selected out of Cikgu’s 400 song catalogue, I will be singing 5 songs! Get your tickets from Sistic. (Pictures by Deanna)

For more pictures, check out my Tumblr post. 

I have been selected to perform alongside some contemporaries namely Sezairi, Zaibaktian, Maya Rahman and some legends such as Rahimah Rahim, Sanisah Huri, J Mizan. It will be my first time under the musical directorship of renown traditional Malay music maestro, Pak Ngah. We will be singing songs written by Cikgu Yusnor Ef, in an evening tribute to him! Get your tickets.

Today, in Singapore, I got to meet the talented illustrator, Izwandy, who used only coloured pencils to draw a portrait of me. He had passed me the original, and I had signed a copy for himself. Masya-Allah, I cannot possibly draw like he can; such an amazing gift. Thank you again!