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Singaporean-born singer/songwriter returns from his base in Kuala Lumpur to teach? True or false? Sort of, true and false. Imran Ajmain appears at Tampines Junior College tomorrow on the 6th February 2013 in an event called #LinguaFranca to celebrate the Malay language in music in a one-off such event at the institution. 

Imran has always had a keen eye on the Malay language which led him to be Singapore’s Bulan Bahasa ambassador twice over, once in 2006 and also during the last campaign organised by the local language council. And this time, he is bringing his goods over to the junior college to share a little of how the language brought him this far and what he thinks we could do to help preserve it, in an environment where most young Malay folk choose to speak in English.

The title of the event has a Twitter hashtag to encourage the audience to interact with him via his social media networks, largely unheard of in our waters where it is usually considered impolite to do so. Imran insists its the only way to go as this would help the introverts and shy cats speak up. “When they’ve learnt to speak up, then we talk about correcting the use of the language”.

He will be singing in this part talk part musical performance event organised by Tampines Junior College itself, supported by Impact Entertainment Group and

Open to TPJC students and limited seats for outsiders. 3pm. Email at



90an Gerek Recording: In January, Imran recorded an episode of ’90an Gerek’ produced by Najip Ali’s DuaM in Singapore. Imran sings with ballad legend, Aisyah, on her hit “Janji Manis Mu”. Look out for fancam! The episode will air in late March.

Muzik Arena: Imran also appears on another Suria production, with Mayuni Omar. It will also air in March. The show is hosted by Fiza O.

Save Our Rainforest Race: Imran becomes the Ambassador for PEKA, an organisation campaigning to take care of the forests of Pahang. Imran appears with Dato Khatijah Ibrahim, Ella, Zainal Abidin and more. For more information, visit PEKA’s official web HERE.

Luka Itu Perlu: Imran’s mini-documentary goes ONLINE, you can watch it HERE

RedBox Artiste of the Month: Imran’s Dikalung Kasihan is available at all RedBox outlets and the DVD is distributed as prizes.
To find out more, go HERE

Dikalung Kasihan on MTV: The video debuts on MTV Asia! Pssst, look what MTV presented Imran with.

What did you do in January?

Write to Imran’s management at


Imran is set to appear in this charity event raising funds for Tabung Amal Aidilfitri and also for Save Gaza Campaign. Imran will appear as Dato Khatijah Ibrahim’s guest. All proceeds go to charity.

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Imran is slated to appear at Tampines Junior College, Singapore for a performance and talk titled #LinguaFranca on “the art of the Malay language in music”. The performance will be on the 6th February 2013 and only limited seats are available to those not from the college.

Please write to if you’d like to attend. This event is supported by IEG and

The performance will be from 3pm to 6pm in the Tampines Junior College auditorium.

Artwork: Nani Ilyani


Imran’s song “Dikalung Kasihan” is now available at every RedBox, RedBox Ria, GreenBox outlets throughout Malaysia as sing-a-long Karaoke.

Correction: “Beza biar ketara tanpamu” not “Beza dia ketara tanpamu”

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In an unprecedented move, Singapore operators jointly launch the ‘Connecting Tones’ brand

Standard ‘2277’ SMS Short-Code for Use with Connecting Tones across Operators

 Singapore, 17 March 2011 – For the first time in Asia, all three local operators – SingTel, StarHub and M1 – have collectively announced the adoption of a common brand called ‘Connecting Tones’.

Connecting Tones is a music ringback tone service offered by all three operators, which allows a user to replace the dialing tone so their caller hears music tracks while waiting for their call to be answered.

Previously known by other names such as Bye-Bye-Ring-Ring, Call Tones, Colour-Me-Tones, and ringback tones, the new Connecting Tones will now be a consistent brand identity for this popular mobile value-added service which mobile operators and record labels in Singapore can actively promote and market to all mobile users in Singapore. This move has garnered widespread support from major international and regional record labels such as HIM International Music, Ocean Butterflies, Rock Records, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music. Collectively, the operators and record labels aim to develop and grow the Connecting Tone business in Singapore.

In addition to adopting the Connecting Tones brand and in support of the nation-wide awareness drive, SingTel, StarHub and M1 have created a common access mode for all customers – a single short-code SMS number ‘2277’ to facilitate selection and purchase of Connecting Tones music tracks via the respective operator’s music store.

To mark this unprecedented launch of the Connecting Tones brand, all three operators have launched the Connecting Tones logo that encapsulates the ability for users to express their personality, individuality and lifestyle by making a connection to their callers through music.

Operators will also be rolling out a new brand campaign called ‘Change Your Moment’ on 17 March 2011 across broadcast platforms, that reflects this on-going expression of individuality, and how Connecting Tones will benefit both user and their callers.

In support of the new Connecting Tones’ brand campaign and to encourage customers to experience the service, six songs will be offered for free for a limited period starting 17 March. Customers will just need to SMS the ‘keyword’ of their preferred music track to ‘2277’ to obtain their free Connecting Tone*.

No. Song Title Song Keyword
1 Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars BM1
2 Speak Now – Taylor Swift T1
3 Marry Me – Train TR1
4 Leng Xue Dong Wu冷血动物 – Ding Dang丁噹 DD1
5 Dang Ni当你 – JJ Lin林俊杰 JL1
6 Sigma – Sigma SM1

*Terms and conditions may apply.

Mr Edward Ying, SingTel’s Chief, Multimedia said “Digital Music Service, including Connecting Tones, is an important part of SingTel’s suite of multimedia offerings.  We are pleased to be part of this collaboration with M1 and StarHub to enhance the user experience of the Connecting Tones service, so that all our subscribers can easily express themselves to their callers through music.”

“We are pleased to be part of this industry-wide initiative, where the operators and the music labels work together, to promote Connecting Tones. By having the same service name, short-code, and potentially the same keyword for the latest Connecting Tones music tracks, we hope to encourage more customers to take on the service and make music a bigger part of their lifestyle,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of StarHub’s Products and Solutions.

Commented Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1 Limited, “Our customers will definitely appreciate the convenience and easy accessibility of ‘Connecting Tones’. We are pleased to partake in this collaboration with our peers, which will benefit our customers through synonymous use of song codes and SMS short-code across all three telcos.”

For more information on Connecting Tones and where they can be found, visit:

SingTel: OR

StarHub: OR

M1: OR

 # # #

About SingTel

SingTel is Asia’s leading communications group with operations and investments around the world. Serving both the corporate and consumer markets, it is committed to bringing the best global communications solutions to customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

With significant operations in Singapore and Australia (through wholly-owned subsidiary SingTel Optus), the Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes voice and data solutions over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms, as well as infocomm technology and pay TV.

The Group has presence in Asia and Africa with more than 383 million mobile customers in 25 countries, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand.

To serve the needs of multi-national corporations, SingTel also has a network of 36 offices in 19 countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. These offices enable SingTel to deliver reliable and quality network solutions to its customers, either on its own or jointly with local partners.

SingTel employs more than 23,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of S$16.87 billion (US$11.82 billion) and net profit after tax of S$3.91 billion (US$2.74 billion) for the year ended 31 March 2010.  More information can be found @ and

About StarHub

StarHub is Singapore’s fully-integrated info-communication company, offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumer and corporate markets. StarHub operates Singapore’s fastest two-way HSPA+ mobile network that delivers up to 21Mbps for downlink to complement its nation-wide GSM network, and an island-wide HFC network that delivers multi-channel cable TV services (including High Definition Television and on-demand services) as well as ultra-high speed residential broadband services. StarHub also operates an extensive fixed business network that provides a wide range of data, voice and wholesale services. Over Singapore’s fibre-based Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, StarHub offers a broad range of home and business broadband plans along with a host of advanced media-rich value-added services.

Launched in 2000, StarHub has become one of Singapore’s most innovative info-communications providers, and the pioneer in ‘hubbing’ – the ability to deliver unique integrated and converged services to all its customers. StarHub, listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since October 2004, is a component stock of the Straits Times Index and the MCSI Singapore Free Index. For more information about StarHub, visit

About M1

M1, Singapore’s most exciting and innovative integrated communications service provider, was launched in April 1997. It provides a full range of voice and data, as well as fixed and mobile broadband services. M1 aims to be the leader in the communications business, focusing on value, quality and customer service. More information on M1 is available

DKK (600 x 400)

Dikalung Kasihan has been selected to be on the MTV Musika playlist on MTV Asia. It can be viewed on all MTV channels across the region, namely Starhub on Channel 533 and on Astro Channel 713.

Tune in!

Imran Ajmain has been chosen to represent PEKA in an effort to “Save Our Rainforest” namely the Chamang Waterfalls, at Bentong, Pahang. This is a video from the press conference held at Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur yesterday. There will be a 10km walk on the 2nd March, open to all to participate, with an actual tree-planting event at the hilltop afterwards.

For more information, visit

Video: runwitme

imran interview 047

Last Saturday, Imran appeared on the taping of the last episode of “Muzik Arena” (Eaglevision, MediaCorp Suria) in Singapore slated for telecast 26 March 2013, Wednesday 8.30pm. Imran appears with host Fiza O and fellow guest, Mayuni Omar and speaks about “Staying Power”. He also lists 3 reasons why Singaporean-Malay artistes make the move to Malaysia, and why it should continue.

Photo: Zulkarnain Zainal


Following up with Imran’s release of ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ at RedBox Ria, GreenBox and RedBox nationwide in Malaysia, Imran is made Artiste of the Month in all the outlets. Claim your ‘Luka Itu Perlu’ DVD and ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ merchandise with every purchase above RM100. Offer valid til 31 Jan 2013.

It was all worth it that I decided to take leave today for the event. Thank you, @imranajmain @awen86 and @innerviena for making this happened! *smiling ear to ear* #imtiaz #dikalungkasihan#imranajmain #redbox

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang to Imtiaz: Herda Zainal, Wahidah Bakar, Honey Ashiekin, and Mery Shofie.

Pictured above is Imran singing with Herda Zainal during #Imtiaz26Dec last month where Imran celebrated the birthdays of the December babies.

Imtiaz is Imran’s fanclub where they often meet in gatherings and post-performances; you may register HERE.

Happy birthday to all born in January!


‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a 10 minute documentary slated to be released online on the 10th January 2013. It is a behind-the-scenes look into the song and video ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ by Imran Ajmain.

The video features the making of the video and the song from the first day right til the release, directed and edited by Nasrullah Napi with an opening montage of Imran reciting a translated poem from the 18th century done by young architect undergrad, Muhammad Ridhwan bin Nordin. The poster was also done by him. Look out for your tweets to Imran within the video!

The video will be uploaded via YouTube and it will be embedded here.

‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a line from the song ‘Dikalung Kasihan’. Get the MP3 HERE.

Imran Ajmain’s ‘Luka Itu Perlu’ –
a Mini-Documentary to the new single ‘Dikalung Kasihan’.
Watch in HD



Budiey salute betul dengan singer & songwriter bergelar Imran Ajmain ni. Salute sebab dia antara penyanyi lelaki yang masih bertahan walaupun dunia showbiz Malaysia dihadiri oleh ramai penyanyi lelaki yang rata-rata semuanya berbakat. Salute sebab Imran Ajmain ni jenis penyanyi yang sangat tegar dengan irama balada walaupun sekarang ini, ramai penyanyi suka dengan irama bersifat antarabangsa. Sekurang-kurangnya, Imran tahu apa yang dimahu buat dan apa yang termampu dia buat.

Seingat Budiey, seawal kemunculan Imran Ajmain dengan lagu berhantunya, Seribu Tahun pada tahun 2008, Budiey sudah mengikuti perkembangan jatuh bangun penyanyi kelahiran Singapura ini dulu hinggalah sekarang. Kalau dulu diurus oleh Aswad, dan kemudian Alibi Music, Imran kini melangkah ke depan, bernaung di bawah syarikat rakaman Life Records dan diuruskan oleh Syarikat FIPRO yang juga milik Dato’ Dr Fazley. Ternyata, Imran Ajmain tidak mudah untuk berputus asa membina empayar seninya dengan melahirkan lagu-lagu yang dianggap killer song.

In fact, Imran Ajmain adalah antara penyanyi yang menghadiri Party Ulangtahun Kedua pada tahun 2009 yang diadakan di di sebuah restoran Berjaya Times Square.

Kini, setelah beberapa tahun berhijrah ke Malaysia, Budiey melihat Imran Ajmain sudah mempunyai penggemar muziknya sendiri. Menyedari betapa pentingnya sokongan dari peminat untuk mengukuhkan nama dalam karier seninya, Imran Ajmain telah berjaya mengumpulkan sejumlah peminatnya tersendiri. Maka Tertubuhlah Kelab Peminat Imran Ajmain bergelar IMTIAZ yang telah pun dilancarkan dengan rasminya oleh Imran Ajmain pada 26 Disember yang lalu.

Pelancaran IMTIAZ adalah serentak dengan pelancaran muzik video & karaoke untuk single terbaru Imran Ajmain iaitu Dikalung Kasihan. Syabas Budiey ucapkan.

Jika berminat untuk menyertai kelab peminat Imran Ajmain, anda boleh menghubungi IMTIAZ dengan menghubungi akaun Twitter @OfficialImtiaz.

Budiey menjadi antara blogger yang hadir untuk menyaksikan majlis bersejarah bagi Imran Ajmain di Red Box The Garden. Pada jam 2 petang itu, Budiey lihat ramai media yang hadir untuk memberi sokongan. Media juga diberi peluang untuk mengasah vokal untuk mengalunkan lagu Dikalung Kasihan menerusi satu pertandingan karaoke bersama media. Tahniah buat Wahi dari Mstar Online yang telah berjaya menggamit perhatian juri dengan persembahannya yang penuh bersahaja. Sebagai juara, Wahi membawa pulang hadiah wang tunai RM250, dua keping tiket masuk ke Universal Studios Singapura dan hamper tajaan Fazley International Productions.

Bercakap tentang single Dikalung Kasihan ni, Budiey dah diperkenalkan single ini semasa Showcase Imran Ajmain di Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur. Selepas mendengar beberapa kali, iramanya semakin stuck in my head. Walapun single kali ini dianggap biasa-biasa kerana iramanya tidaklah berhantu seperti Seribu Tahun, namun lagu ini ada keunikan tersendiri.

Sekali dengar memang kita rasa, eh senang giler nyanyi lagu ni. Okay fine. Jangan mudah buat andaian ya. Cubalah dulu berkaraoke nyanyi lagu ni, tengok samada korang boleh nyanyi ke tak. Budiey dah pun cuba semasa menyertai pertandingan karaoke bersama media. Ternyata bukan mudah saat awal intronya lagi yang memerlukan kita mengawal tone rendah. Silap haribulan, korang terkehel nanti.

“Lagu ini mempunyai maksud yang mendalam. Saya berharap ramai yang akan menyanyikan lagu ini di pusat karaoke seperti Redbox.”

Jadi, apa kelebihan lagu ini? Imran Ajmain pasti ada jawapannya sendiri. Katanya, kekuatan lenggok suara yang lunak penuh kemelayuan yang dimilikinya menjadi faktor utama dia mengekalkan lagu balada sebagai pertaruhan terbaharu. Budiey bersetuju, lagu ini sesuai dengan vokal Imran Ajmain. Mungkin kerana ini juga, membuatkan Imran Ajmain berasa selesa untuk terus menghasilkan genre itu pada album ketiganya. Lagu ini berkisar tentang perasaan cinta yang berlandaskan rasa kasihan terhadap seseorang.

“Saya ingin lari dari tema yang biasa dalam lagu-lagu Melayu seperti mencintai, meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan. Saya mendapat inspirasi untuk menulis tentang lagu ini setelah saya membaca novel ‘Atonement’ tulisan Ian McEwan. Setelah itu saya menceritakan inspirasi ini kepada penulis lirik dan inilah hasilnya.”

Menurut Imran Ajmain, dia tak sabar untuk memperkenalkan album ketiganya yang akan dipasarkan pada Mac 2013. Hingga kini, Imran sudah pun berjaya merakam empat lagu daripada lapan lagu untuk album ketiga ini.

Ternyata, ramai yang bersetuju genre muzik balada sesuai dengan vokal Imran Ajmain. Selain dipengaruhi lenggok lagu-lagu Melayu asli, vokal Imran dikatakan mencapai nada tinggi yang sederhana, tidak terlalu tinggi tapi Imran ada tone suara rendah yang jelas.

“Saya selesa menyanyikan lagu genre balada. Julat vokal saya pada tahap sederhana dan tidak boleh tarik tinggi-tinggi seperti sesetengah penyanyi. Kebetulan pula, saya mempunyai lenggok Melayu yang baik. Untuk kekalkan lenggok itu, balada adalah caranya.”

“Lagi pula semenjak kecil saya sering mendengar lagu-lagu asli tetapi bila meningkat dewasa saya lebih meminati lagu bergenre R&B. Jadi gabungan minat dan kebolehan suara membuatkan saya memilih balada sebagai genre untuk saya berkarya,”jelasnya yang selesa untuk terus mempertaruhkan lagu-lagu bergenre sebegini.”

Sentuhan balada pada album ketiganya nanti adalah berbeza dan lebih matang berbanding albumnya sebelum ini. Bagi Imran, beliau menggunakan formula di mana album itu harus mempunyai kesinambungan dalam setiap lagu yang terkandung di dalamnya.

“Kalau menerusi album pertama, muzik saya dipengaruhi hip hop dan R&B manakala album kedua, saya bereksperimen dengan elemen lagu-lagu lama. Bagi album ketiga nanti, ia akan sepenuhnya mengikut haluan genre balada yang matang dan berbeza.”

Imran berkata, lagu-lagu balada seperti Seribu Tahun dan Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang sebelum ini diterima ramai kerana formula khas yang diamalkannya dalam mencipta lagu.

“Dari dulu saya berpegang kepada tiga rahsia dalam menghasilkan lagu yang berkesan. Melodinya mesti mudah diingati, tempoh satu minit sebelum korus harus menarik perhatian dan kekerapan menyanyikannya sehingga ia melekat dalam fikiran.”

Menyentuh tentang video klip Dikalung Kasihan yang diarahkan bersama pengarah muda Nasrullah Napi itu, ianya mengambil masa selama tiga minggu untuk disiapkan setelah dirakamkan di Gunung Keriang, Alor Setar, Kedah dan Genting Highlands, Pahang. Muzik Video lagu ciptaan Azlan Abu Hassan dan lirik oleh B.Azhar ini diterbitkan syarikat produksi Fipro dan diedarkan Life Records.

Imran Ajmain langsung tak risau jika album ketiga nanti tidak mendapat sambutan sebab dia percaya setiap penyanyi harus menggunakan pendekatan yang dilakukan oleh artis indie.

“Artis Malaysia terlalu risau sekiranya album tidak mendapat sambutan. Saya percaya sebagai penyanyi kita harus mengadakan konsert jelajah atau kita akan ‘mati di radio.”

Konsert Jelajah Imran Ajmain
Imran akan memulakan tahun 2013 dengan konsert jelajah di kolej dan universiti seluruh Malaysia bermula dari Johor Bharu hingga ke Langkawi pada setiap hujung minggu.

“Konsert jelajah yang bakal bermula dari bulan Januari hingga April ini bertujuan untuk mempromosikan album ketiga saya yang turut memuatkan single terbaru Dikalung Kasihan.”

Semoga Imran Ajmain terus sukses di masa akan datang.


Wahiduzzaman, a writer from mStar Online, were amongst 5 other people who took part in the ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ Karaoke Contest open to members of the media who attended Imran Ajmain’s Press Conference recently at RedBox, The Gardens. Wahi won a confectionary hamper, two tickets to Universal Studios Singapore and RM250 cash. The YouTube video embedded above is taken from is an excerpt of his winning performance.

Congratulations to Wahi, thank you to Budiey.