Radio – Imran Ajmain featuring Diana Danielle & Nabil by Imran Ajmain

I got to perform twice with Diana, and twice with Nabil, but never as a trio. This was the most fun record I’ve made up to date. It features the Mambo No.5/Pon De Replay vibe that I originally went for, the Headwind song from the 80’s and features two non-singers actually SINGING; three in one! In case you didn’t know this already, the back-up vocals in the song feature my talented friends from the group Infinatez from GangStarz a few years back. You may download the track here.

Yang Ku Perlu – Imran Ajmain (Boonyi Remix) by Imran Ajmain

The video I pasted above was Boonyi’s first single “Banyak Boonyi” that features Daly and Ikhwan. We got in touch right after that and I asked them to remix my song “Yang Ku Perlu” for a fashion show. This is what they came up with; you may download it here.

I never meant to release this song. It was really tough for me to sing it. It was a B-side when I put out the first single ever “Sudah tu Sudah” but radio picked it up, and it became a staple for the midnight horror-story show, for its ‘haunting’ sounds. Eventually it was picked up by a group of students to do a video of my song based on the real murder of a young Malay boy back in 1980s in Singapore. We did the video in conjunction with their short film they were already working on. I looked so young, and lost. At this time, it wasn’t the song that made any sort of waves. It was my hair colour.

The first time ever I decided to do something crazy, (also under the influence of some folks), I went blonde. Of course it wasn’t the brightest thing someone new like me should have done, and I did regret it. I was drilled on a daily basis, even by people on the streets. The streaky surfer look didn’t go down well with so many people who thought my goody two-shoes image should remain… goody two-shoes. Wow, they were not kidding. As Malays and as Muslims, artistes like me had to be some torch-bearer, they say. Hey, I just wanted to sing. I let the YouTube comments burn, sizzle and fizzle out. I’ve never coloured my hair again since then! Nobody cared. Goes to show when we’re new (or when we become artistes), anything can happen, just let it be. Just be good! After a while, I learnt my responsibilities and that all (or most) of my decisions as a role model must be a calculated one, my Mak always reminds as well.  Plus I turn 31 in a few days, I know where I stand. You can trust me. You can download the MP3 here.

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang – Imran Ajmain (Rafikoncept Remix) by Imran Ajmain

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang
Written by: Imran Ajmain / Ahmed Fedtri Yahya
Composed by: Imran Ajmain
Strings by Eddie Marzuki
Remixed by: Rafikoncept
Download here:

Anakku Sayang is on Suria Channel, Singapore, every Saturday at 8:30pm and it stars Fauziah Nawi, Hasnol Rahmat, Masturah Ahmad, Siti Hajar Gani, Izzat M Yusof, Rosita Hussein, and Andry Sani. Anakku Sayang is directed by Sanif Olek.

Composed the melody over a riff of Dato Ahmad Jais’ “Budi Setahun Segunung Intan” like true Hiphop style and had Shah Shamshiri wrote the lyrics. Tells the story about dating a girl too young for me! Wait til the last few seconds! This video was done by Khaidie, using performance clips during the promotion period. The 50’s styled melody was intentional for it was in line with the 2nd album’s concept.

It was also the theme song for an Astro telemovie called “Siti Tivi” where I appeared for a few minutes thanks to M Nazri & Nizam Zakaria.

You want to hear the actual song?

I performed the song for the first time at Layar Tanchap Shah Alam with Alvin from Infinatez in 2008 to a very warm crowd to whom I was a stranger and I did the hand gesture for ‘salam’ when I sang the words “hormat menghormati“. Rather skema if you ask me, but I won myself some friends there who still support me til today. Every time I watch the video, I cringe a bit. (The entire show has all the performers sit on the floor like the traditional Javanese wayang shows do, just so you know.)

I play a big brother to many people I’ve worked with ever since I started doing music, and especially the time I was an events organizer and artiste manager for my company Beats Society back in Singapore circa 2004 til 2007. I saw a lot of these girls and boys blossom into successful musicians, videographers, and artistes.

It all started on the 4th April 2004 when I did an event 04.04.04 at Bishan CC (which is tomorrow!) That was when I knew I had a knack for being a talent scout and became a brother figure to so many from then on. I am, however, the 2nd child of two offsprings. Here’s to all siblings! Please share the song or video onto your sibling’s Facebook wall, even if you are not related.

Abang (Live Acoustic)
Written/Composed/Arranged by Imran Ajmain
Guitars by Aki Westside
Bass by Eddy Bhumi
Percussion by Wan Afro
Broken toy piano and violin parts written and performed by avex
Recorded by MUON of Wallwork Records
Mixed by avex for TwoRookies
Produced by Imran Ajmain
Download it here:


Check out a sombre acoustic version of David Guetta’s Titanium by the boys from Northbound. Got a song you’d like to hear them cover? Leave a comment here.

This is very well-edited video of Hyrul’s music video launch a month back. Can’t wait to do more events!

I produced Hyrul Anuar’s album, and this song got its video treatment done recently. Enjoy!

This is the beautiful Sabahan singer, Marsha. We were professionally associated for a bit when I was signed to the label she is with today. However, after I’ve left, the boss kindly asked if I could arrange the vocals and harmonies for the recording of this song which she herself composed with Eenaz Mokhtar. It was recorded at Noisy Bunch TTDI a few months ago, and this wonderful video was done by the video folks at Alibi Music. Well done Aidi! Thank you Alibi and thank you Marsha!

This guy’s message is straight-forward but his story-telling approach is just brilliant. Give him a TV show already! The video comments are filled with fans asking irrelevant skincare and hairstyle questions; what a PR/endorsement fantasy, this one. That’s Malaysian ingenuity for you! Oh ya, it seems when someone does something good (sing, dance, act, joke, or motivate), everybody else will love them for everything else (nice hair, nice skin, nice clothes!). Funny how the world works, but it seems to work best for us here. Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

Thanks to the folks at Tupai. This was taken during Melodi Raya TV3 2011 at PWTC.

I produced this song, and we’re launching it big soon! Keep a look out, and Like him on Facebook:

Awesome! Hope to work with them one day.