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‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a 10 minute documentary slated to be released online on the 10th January 2013. It is a behind-the-scenes look into the song and video ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ by Imran Ajmain.

The video features the making of the video and the song from the first day right til the release, directed and edited by Nasrullah Napi with an opening montage of Imran reciting a translated poem from the 18th century done by young architect undergrad, Muhammad Ridhwan bin Nordin. The poster was also done by him. Look out for your tweets to Imran within the video!

‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a line from the song ‘Dikalung Kasihan’. Get the MP3 HERE.

Imran Ajmain’s ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ Official Music Video. Watch in HD


Saya Menggunakannya. Kamu?

What does DKK stand for?

I loved this song forever. I always imagined doing a bossanova version, and a video shot in Italy. I find it a little funny that no matter how rhythmic and dance-able a Malay song can be, it usually is the saddest of themes. This one’s about asking someone to ‘keep me in consideration’ because ‘you won’t understand how missing you all day long won’t last forever’. My version features UITM music undergrads under the supervision of vocal coach, Delly. It was an awesome session!

Menimbang Rasa by Imran Ajmain

Download this song by clicking on the title of the song in the player above.

My father wrote this song before I was born. Naturally, I grew up listening to Othman Hamzah. I just had to do this one. It’s my most favourite of all time. After this song got some airplay on Singapore radio, I got a chance to duet this song with him. I was so star-struck. Did you know the word ‘beta’ was banned from use in pop culture for its royal affiliations? However, it simply means “me” in the Bugis language. The ban has since been lifted. 25 years later, I re-recorded the song with the help of my friend, Avex, in Melbourne.

Apa Salah Beta by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking on the title of the song on the player above.

When I found out about the P.Ramlee project, I wanted badly to be a part of it. Altimet had gotten me onboard to sing the chorus on his joint for the compilation. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the gala concert. P.Ramlee’s music has always had a big influence on my music and my singing. I hope to be able to do justice for future covers. I recommended Haziq for the show to replace me as I am a big fan!!!! Get the ‘P.Ramlee: Satu Indiepretasi’ album at your nearest 7-11 stores in Malaysia.

Altimet & Imran Ajmain – Maafkan Kami by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking the title on the player above.

The chorus of this song is based on the chords of P.Ramlee’s ‘Senjakala’ (used with permission). Rafikoncept had sampled the Bolshoi Orchestra’s version of it, and we had written the melody over it. I put up the na-na-na asking my fans on Facebook to help me write the entire song (what the hell was I wearing?), and we received over 300 entries in a week. Tough one to choose from but a winner emerged in the name of Faizal Maslan. I think I’m gonna do this again for my next album!

Tak Mungkin by Imran Ajmain

Download it by clicking the link above.

When I saw this boy sang on TV9’s Idola Kecil, I imagined what it would have been like if I had been discovered as a singer earlier in life. I started singing at 17, yes, but my first album came out when I was 26. That’s a little late in pop years. One fonecall and he’s in the studio with me. In this song called ‘Perjalanan’, I sang with my signature Melayu lenggok three-four waltz ditty, but paired with extreme auto-tuning ala T-Pain. My character sings in past tense and Afiq sings in future tense as my young self. We meet in a mirror. The song is written by Azalea, whom I’ve been a big fan of ever since I heard her in Anuar Zain’s hits.

The video above, ironically, is of the boy singing my father’s composition, ‘Terharu’.

Perjalanan by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking the link above.

I have a been a big fan of remixes. Always believed it was an extension of the song’s promotions. Got excited to hear Texas, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Diddy, Usher put out remixes when I was listening to them before I made my own music. Now I put out my own! Hee. Enjoy this one.

06 Jika Engkau Pergi – Imran Ajmain (Rafikoncept Remix) by Imran Ajmain

Download it by clicking the song title in this Soundcloud player.

I had never intended to release this song but it got out online, and went on to become No.1 in Brunei. So awesome. It’s the only English song I’ve recorded in both my two albums. Can’t wait to do more. I sang the melody to Zul Mystroe at a bus-stop in 2006 and finished it on the way home! We did a lower-key version with Alyph Sleeq, then I brought it up a few notches (and shorter edit) with Amir Rain Masoh. I love both still.

Compromise by Imran Ajmain

Download it here

One time a friend hurt me so bad, and I had no guts to say it out so I wrote it in a song. Guess who?

Written by Imran Ajmain
Composed by Imran Ajmain / Alif Abdullah
Arranged by Rafikoncept
Guitars by Ujang
Produced by Imran Ajmain

Taken off “Punca Dan Tindakan” (2009)
Alibi Music (Malaysia) / Gumbira (Singapore)
Published by Purplenotez Publishing (MACP) / Bedsty Bedrock Publishing (COMPASS)

Download it here.


Taurus (Penawar Rindu) ft Altimet & Dayang Nurfaizah by Imran Ajmain

When I heard Dayang recorded her Kasih album, it featured ‘Penawar Rindu’, a favourite classic of mine. I’ve always wanted to remix that song, all my life, for as long as I’ve known it. Here comes Avex and his magic toolbox. It was the best thing ever; we did it in matter of hours, not even days. I got to perform it with Dia Fadilla for a Raya show on Singapore TV (What the heck was I wearing?). You may download it here.

The Northbound boys appeard on Hafeez Glamor’s GoGlam and sang this song of mine on-air. They also previewed “November Itu” a song I produced, can’t wait to let ya’ll hear it. In the meantime, check this one out.