If I had a chance to re-record #SeribuTahun I would finish the ending like this. “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” my first album from 2006 goes digital (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon) in a matter of days. Thanks everyone for the love!

So many things have happened in just the past two-three weeks. I thought we just celebrated the New Year, but bammm, it’s already February. I won’t say that I’m not disappointed that I lost a whole chunk of footage that was shot in Nuremberg and Coburg, Germany but that’s ok. That’s that. Nasrullah, my trusted PA and personal videographer, have worked quite hard to put together what he can salvage to become the audio-visual for the song. The song’s already available on iTunes and Spotify but right now the situation is that most people are looking for it on a more familiar platform that is YouTube. I’m hoping to have it up in a day or two, but we’ll see. I’m no Beyonce, but hey, we got dreams! Loving 2014 so far. Hope ya’ll safe.

One of the kind Imtiazes, Mamahani, recorded this off TV when MediaCorp Suria aired the highlights of the 1st January concert at the Esplanade in Singapore. My comment on singing Cikgu Yusnor’s lyrics and participation in the Malam Aku, Dia & Lagu concert was recorded by the news team. Thanks both Mamahani & Suria.

After Beyonce bombing the internet with her visual album and full album available only via iTunes, I felt like the earth shook a bit. Here I am trying to release 1 humble ballad for my followers and she had to remind me that time is ticking for the pop artiste. So let’s get going.

To be honest, a whole chunk of footage shot in Coburg, Germany of Setulus Kasih went missing somewhere between France, Netherlands, Malaysia and Singapore. It was basically me lip-syncing against a beautiful 11 degree backdrop but I’ve moved on. I figured that since the music video doesn’t have a storyline, we can make do with the other footage. I’m OK.

However, I can’t call it a music video. I’ll call it “Official Audio Visual”, it drops January latest. The song is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon. Ring the alarm! 

Last Saturday’s performance of “Menimbang Rasa” by Imran Ajmain who was the surprise guest for #AkiAkmal’s wedding at Dewan Felda, Kuala Lumpur. This 15 sec video was shot by a guest, embedded with permission.

1st out of 3 videos shot by members of #imtiaz100 who came for Imran’s short performance at Laman Budaya during Estari. The video was edited by Nasrullah Napi. To find out more about joining Imtiaz, please read up at http://officialimtiaz.me.

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Imran Ajmain’s documentary “Luka Itu Perlu” accompanying the release of “Dikalung Kasihan” now has English subtitles. To turn on the Close Captioning, click on the subtitles logo next to the Video Quality option on the bottom right of the player. “Luka Itu Perlu” was released earlier this year in January 2013 a month after the single hit the charts in Malaysia.

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We found a video of Imran singing ‘Thousand Years’ (that’s Seribu Tahun in English) during his visit to Kaizen Hall, ITE College West recently. This one is especially soothing. Enjoy!

Thanks to Blackfanify.

May 30, 2013 | Photoshoot @ManjaMagazine • This video teases “Hargailah Dia” the 1st single from the album #IAAK • Part I by imranajmain on Keek.com

May 31, 2013 | This video teases “Hargailah Dia” the 1st single from the album #IAAK • Part II by imranajmain on Keek.com

Imran uploaded two Keeks today, each containing excerpts of the new single from an album that he has only left as #IAAK. The new song is called “Hargailah Dia” (Appreciate Her). We are hoping for an official music video or streaming MP3 of the song. We currently have no details whatsoever about the project!


May 20, 2013 | With @imranajmain by raihanrosman on Keek.com

May 20, 2013 | IMRAN AJMAIN AT ITE COLLEGE WEST by yantilala95 on Keek.com

May 20, 2013 | Imran Ajmain performing at #cw ♡♥♡♥ by herah_ on Keek.com

May 20, 2013 | Imran Ajmain in our campus lah guise….. by RidhwannSharks on Keek.com

Here are a collection of Keeks found of Imran Ajmain during his short appearance at ITE College West yesterday. Look out for the last one! Auw!

May 16, 2013 | Imran Ajmain!! by nshFlx on Keek.com

Imran arriving at the Lecture Hall

May 17, 2013 | Imran Ajmain’s english rendition of Seribu Tahun. Awesome!! by inukadoinkz on Keek.com

Imran singing ‘Thousand Years’ (Seribu Tahun in English)

Thanks for the Keeks!

Originally it was only uploaded on Facebook. Now it is available on Imran Ajmain’s Official YouTube account. Enjoy this cover piece, with a surprise twist halfway.

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Apr 27, 2013 | Hi Tea Event.Imran Ajmain performance ~ by suhaimi_amirul on Keek.com

Recently, Imran performed at the Manja Magazine’s Mother’s Day Hi Tea at Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore. The event was hosted by funny man, Suhaimi Yusof. This video taken by Suhaimi’s son, Amirul, on his Keek account shows Suhaimi trolling Imran during his performance of ‘Dikalung Kasihan’.

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Apr 20, 2013 | #AprilBabies no.1 "Razif" tak angkat phone lah! – Tgk video yg sebelum ni utk find out mcm mana! by imranajmain on Keek.com

Apr 21, 2013 | #AprilBabies No.2 “Nurul Ain” • Ada banyak sangat permintaan.. Tak dapat turutkan semua!!! by imranajmain on Keek.com

Apr 21, 2013 | #AprilBabies no.3 “Rabeah” “ok..ok..ok” happy birthday to your twin Rabaah too! by imranajmain on Keek.com

Apr 21, 2013 | #AprilBabies No.4 “Amalina” UMS Sabah!!! (Saya call lebih dari 30 org dah, tapi hanya upload yg terpilih saja!) by imranajmain on Keek.com

As promised by Imran, he would make surprise calls to anyone born in April. We received more than 150 requests via Facebook, and Imran had called over 100 of them from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and even in London! Here are 4 lucky ones (1 not so lucky because he didn’t pick up the call). Happy birthday to all April Babies! Let’s do it again next time.

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