The fanclub account @imtiaz4ia shot this from TV. What’s wrong with my hair?



I sang “Sudah tu Sudah” (don’t ask me why) and “Setulus Kasih” for the closing of ‘Selamat Pagi Malaysia’ today on RTM1 at Angkasapuri at their outdoor shoot location. I still get so nervous from the night before til the first few seconds of the song. Still feel that way, after all this time. I’ll see if anyone recorded a video ok? Thanks for those who participated in the Whatsapp challenge.



I will be singing “Setulus Kasih” for the first time on television tomorrow morning at 9am at the closing of RTM1’s morning show, “Selamat Pagi Malaysia”. I will be doing a Whatsapp challenge as well. Look out on Instagram!

I got an interview slot with the effectively bilingual songwriter/TV host Shah Shamshiri for his Red Carpet show on cable TV network, ABNxcess. Some interesting questions were brought up, especially about how ‘Malay music is being promoted’ in this digital age of downloads and audio streaming. Loved the interview, wish we had more time! Til part deux. Looking forward! Will update on the telecast.

MediaCorp Suria just aired the 3rd episode of Terus Gemilang today which featured Imran Ajmain singing with Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim on “Doa Buat Kekasih”, her own hit originally with Ramli Sarip. Here is a Behind The Scenes look at the recording process of the TV show done earlier in March this year.

The video was shot by Zul Mystroe & Rauzan Rahman.

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Comedienne, Actress and Radio Announcer, Kenchana Devi was top 4 finalist in MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia Season 2 and in one of her last appearances, she sang an excerpt of “Seribu Tahun” by Imran Ajmain recorded during the show.

The visual above was caught off Imran’s Instagram.

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Pictures of Imran during the recording of Terus Gemilang is up on Facebook Page. You may see images of the hosts Nurul Aini, Marina Yusof and funnyman, Suhaimi Yusof and the guests of the show Fiza O, Imran Ajmain and legendary singer, Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim. You may click on the photo above to see the whole album or you may click HERE.

All images are from DuaM/MediaCorp Suria.

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Ep3 promo

Imran sings with Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim “Doa Untuk Kekasih” on the 3rd episode of Terus Gemilang, a fun variety program on Singapore’s MediaCorp Suria channel. It will air tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8.30pm and it can be viewed in Johor and islands of Riau, Indonesia.

Expect to see it on XinMSN, MediaCorp’s catch-up TV portal the next day.

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May 20, 2013 | @imranajmain i managed to captured this for you:) que haidar & linda jasmine ~ romantika by InnErviena on

Actor Que Haidar sings Imran Ajmain’s “Seribu Tahun” to his wife, Linda Jasmine, in a taping of Romantika, a new reality-based TV program on celebrity couples on Astro. We updated a previous post with only the teaser-trailer. This time, Imtiaz member @Innerviena caught the re-run and Keek-ed the magic moment.

Thank you Inn!



Imran sang with Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim on her song “Doa Untuk Kekasih” (Prayer For My Lover) made popular by her and Ramli Sarip on Najip Ali’s new run of ‘Gemilang’ now titled to ‘Terus Gemilang’. It is a music variety program that centers on the popular Malay music legends of yesteryear who specialize in traditional music, and amongst the artistes who appear include Halil Chik, Salamiah Hassan and M Daud Kilau. – Image taken off Imran’s Instagram account.

Imran’s episode with Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim is Episode 3 and is said to air in June 2013.

MediaCorp Suria is a free-to-air channel in Singapore and is available for viewing on television sets in Greater Johor and the  nearby Indonesian islands of Riau.

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Dinamik 2 Episode 8 features Imran Ajmain and Dynas Mokhtar. Imran and Hafidz goes to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park where Imran is being interviewed while in the company of some friendly birds. The show is hosted by Elfira Loy.

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Actor Que Haidar sings Imran Ajmain’s “Seribu Tahun” to his wife, Linda Jasmine, in a taping of Romantika, a new reality-based TV program on celebrity couples on Astro. Video couldn’t be found online but above is the teaser/trailer of its first episode. Relaku menunggu mu… 

DKK (600 x 400)

Dikalung Kasihan has been selected to be on the MTV Musika playlist on MTV Asia. It can be viewed on all MTV channels across the region, namely Starhub on Channel 533 and on Astro Channel 713.

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