I recorded an interview in person with Aura Shai earlier in January where I revealed some stuff that have happened in the past year. Truly exclusive. The song “Setulus Kasih” will also air for the first time in Singapore.

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I got the chance to explain the story behind the new (more positively themed) album to announcers Nadia and Muaz from NasionalFM. When asked why Singaporeans preferred to come try their luck in the Malaysian industry, I answered that “we didn’t have a choice”. Thanks for the no holds barred half hour interview! Feels good.

Look out for my interview with Aura Syai on Singapore’s RIA 89.7FM at 5pm on Saturday and repeat on Sunday.


Tomorrow morning at 9.30am I will be speaking LIVE with Nadia on her morning show ‘Nadi’ on NasionalFM. Expect to hear my new song “Setulus Kasih”. You can watch the video already on YouTube, don’t forget to Subscribe!

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2-Imran Ajmain Dan Aliff Aziz (1)1


I was interviewed by radio announcer, Henry from SandakanFM, an RTM radio station over in Sabah, Malaysia over the phone. Although we were discussing my new song, my new album, and all things new, I was brought back to the last time I was in Sandakan. This picture was when Farawahida, Aliff Aziz, Diddy, Adam, and Erna did an 8 day tour of Sabah together back in 2008.

There was one time in Tawau where the girls there were particularly interested more in Aliff than anyone else, and they started crowding around the bus and rocked it left and right when Aliff didn’t want to come down and take more pictures. We were the Beatles! Would love to return to Sabah if given the opportunity. Thanks Henry and SandakanFM. Tune in to SandakanFM at

There must a system that radio stations use that tags songs in its playlist to its YouTube videos, because more than 1 radio station tweets my song with the spelling similar to the way the first video that contained my song spelt it. It was a fan-made video recording of my first time singing “Dikalung Kasihan” on TV, and the uploader spelt it as seen in the tweet above. Even after the official video came out with all the spelling corrected, this recurring tweet remained with Red FM, and a few other stations too. My dear Lord knows how OCD I can get when people spell like this. Not the radio station’s fault, but the system is flawed!  Anyone knows how I can correct this?


Tomorrow at 4pm I’ll be on-air live with Hafeez Harun on Ria 89.7fm (Singapore & Johor). Please tune in!


Had an event in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Sang, ate, laughed, and then the next day, hit the radio stations. SuriaFM has recently launched a Sabahan frequency with programmes in dialect. We were reunited with Farish Aziz from our Hero Malaya clan and me with Rey who did the Suria (MediaCorp, Singapore) + RTM Hari Raya show a few years back with me. Later on, we visited KKFM. Missed the chance to meet Alvin from Infinatez who is also a presenter there now.

Had monster cockles for buka puasa, and was back in KL soon after. The last time I was in Sabah was when I did the Borneo tour with Aliff Aziz, Adam, Diddy, Farawahida and Erna. I’ll look up the pics! For the recent pictures, look up my Facebook.

The song “Macam Di KK” by Janrywine, a local musician there, was playing everywhere all day! Made me think about how songs about Singapore are mostly sung leading up to National Day. Time to change that.

p/s: Independent radio rocks!

This was taken by Fara who updates XFM’s web with goodies everytime artistes come to the station. Awesome! Don’t forget to catch me on ‘Celebrity Takeover’ this Sunday at 12.30pm. For frequencies in your area, check out or you can also tune in online! Thanks Shac, Fara, Feeya & Adly!

I was a guest for Feeya’s Nite Show at XFM as they renew their vows to promote all types of music, instead of the predominantly rock playlist before this. Spoke mostly about my book and the tour. I will also appear tomorrow morning (Thursday) for Riuh Pagi Era with Ray, Hanif & Pak Nil at 7.30am and on Sunday, Celebrity Takeover, at 12.30noon with Shac. It’s all good. Thank you AMP; Astro Radio! The photo was taken by Fara, you can check out the gallery at: