Last week, straight from Singapore, we set up shop at Shah Alam, a quiet little spot in between two fast food joints where they sold fish & chips and served the hookah by the hour. I was drained by 4pm, and had to keep quiet in the car til showtime. Senyap The Hub is run by the same folks who utilize the extreme park for skateboarders and rock climbers nearby, and they organize such acoustic (or Hiphop) sessions once a week. I am blessed to be amongst many to be able to be part of their roster. Thank you to Faisal and Atres for the hook-up.

This picture is taken off:

Was a guest at Bintang Kecil’s 8th Anniversary party. I’ve attended it since it was 5. Now even Shila Amzah looks so grown up. They had the mandatory cat-walk for young princesses in poufy gowns, child stars sing inappropriate love ballads and of course, cake. There was so much cake, that we could start a bakery. You’ll always love a children’s birthday party because it’s always fun. Happy Birthday to the magazine! Here’s wishing you pinkier years ahead. Oh ya, here’s me taking a picture of people taking a picture of us cutting the cake!


I did the 3rd show for the tour at my favourite restaurant, Badoque Cafe. Spent only one night (or less) in Singapore to do this. Got to meet many familiar faces, many of whom I haven’t seen in over a year. Here I am pictured with Musa and his family; Congratulations to Sarah Liyana who completed her 8th grade in piano! I featured her on the keys once for my showcase, “DSX” back in 2007. Also, thank you to the Imtiazes, new fans and the passerbys who stayed.

Had Hydir Idris open the show, and Fazley Yaakob flew in, too, to grace the show. Thank you guys! Thank you to Sheikh, Rizal, Restu and the Badoque crew who fed us with my favourite Seafood Aglio Olio with extra chilli oil and the handsome Lamb Shank. See you again soon, Singapore!


It is said that the point of it all is in its journey, not the destination. Kicked off my tour on the 6th of July. Called it ‘100 Days’ in conjunction with me being smoke-free. Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Well, I’m really proud of it. This was taken by the Rezeki team at the first venue. Two down, a few more to go before we wrap up for Ramadhan.

Aaron Aziz, Lah Ahmad, Adibah Noor and I gave away money last Saturday at the Curve. Well, it wasn’t ours to begin with. It was BSN Bank’s. Thank you to Azahari Jaafar for the opportunity! (Picture courtesy of Lan BSN)


I baked Honey Cornflakes for the bumper issue of Halal Food & Beverage magazine Ramadhan/Aidilfitri Edition (Singapore). It happens to be my favourite Hari Raya kuih. You want my mother’s recipe? You got to wait for the magazine to come out! Shout-out to Bridges PR; Nanny & John!

I recently recorded my new song off my 3rd album. I hope for it to be the 1st single. Had an awesome time at Mr A’s studio singing in the wee hours of morning. It’s my first time singing a composition that is not my own. Need your blessings.


Oh goodness, what has happened to me?