Imran’s Remix of Firwan Johan’s “Hanya Kenangan” is now available on SoundCloud! If you’re a registered member, do follow for updates.

The song is written, composed and performed by Imran Ajmain and Firwan Johan. It was arranged, composed and produced by Rauzan Rahman for FIPRO, BrandNewFeeling, and distributed by Life Records (Msia).

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Chapter One Done

The artiste management and label agency that signed Imran Ajmain has recently signed a Singaporean-born rapper/producer Rauzan Rahman onto their roster over at FIPRO. The same week, Rauzan Rahman’s extensive body of work is made available online on all digital music distributions such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and the likes. Rauzan Rahman used to be an artiste under Imran Ajmain’s Beats Society label (2004-2007) and now in a full circle, they meet in a brand new environment. Read: Dato’ Fazley’s FIPRO signs Rauzan Rahman.

Rauzan Rahman’s “Chapter One Done” presented by FIPRO includes the following tracks.

1.My First Storybook
2.MillionWear ft. Alyph Sleeq
3.KIX ft. TheCrazy88
4.My One
5.A Friend Is Better Than That
7.Kasih Mengapa ft. UrbanSensation & Roze
8.Always Be Loved ft. Roze
9.Wanted Me To Stay ft. OnlyXson
10.Runaway ft. Firwan Johan
11.SpaceShip ft. X’Statix
12.On Top Of The World ft. Zul Mystroe
13.GILA ft. TheCrazy88
14.Best ft. Pendekar
15.The Beginning ft. Royal’Ayce & Firwan Johan

You may listen to all the tracks on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and more.

In a historic move for the company (and for both these names too), Imran Ajmain will present 6 upcoming albums that Rauzan Rahman will produce made up of some heavyweight names and brand new stars from the Hiphop scene. The roster includes Firwan Johan whom Imran did “Hanya Kenangan (Remix)” with. The other acts are yet to be mentioned.

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HyrulAnuar MATA albumart

Almost 2 years ago, Hyrul Anuar released the album “Sesebuah Perubahan” in CD format and some of the songs went on to become Singapore radio hits such as “Popular”, “Mata”, “Salahkan” and the title track itself were used on 2 television programs on MediaCorp Suria. The album is set to be released digitally worldwide as Imran Ajmain takes on Hyrul Anuar to be signed to his Malaysian digital distribution company and record label, FIPRO.

The album and all its tracks will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and almost 10 other online music platforms for downloading or for audio streaming. The release date is set at 15th October. 1 song will be promoted each week, with a focus on a brand new song not released before “Cemburu”. All the songs are written, composed and produced by Imran Ajmain with the help of some heavyweights such as Sulu Sarawak, Shah Shamshiri, Khairafik “Rafikoncept” Khairudin, Andi Merican and introducing new blood such as Fadly Ahmad, Reyza Hamizan and more.

Follow Hyrul Anuar on his Social Media networks for updates.
Twitter: @hyrulanuar
Instagram: @hyrulanuar

“Mata”, the digital album, drops 15th October 2013 worldwide.

Hafiz Hamidun – R4bia Syria (English) – listen at Spotify

Established Islamic music artiste and producer, Hafiz Hamidun, released a Malay language single in aid of the fallen in Syria. Imran Ajmain was asked to write the English version of #R4biaSyria. Above, you may tune into the Imran-penned English version. You may also purchase the track on iTunes, or stream it via Deezer as well.

What are your thoughts?

We are looking forward to listen to Imran’s English lyrics to Hafiz Hamidun’s viral charity single “R4bia Syria”. You may listen to the original version in Malay on the religious music artiste’ Soundcloud page HERE.

Imran Ajmain’s sophomore studio album ‘Punca Dan Tindakan’ was released in 2009 where most online music stores were unheard of in the Malay community. Now, in a deal between Alibi Music (Malaysia) and Believe Digital (UK), the entire album is made available for downloads on iTunes, or streaming via Spotify and Deezer amongst other popular music services. This album spawned hits like “Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang”,  tribute covers to the late Dato’ Ahmad Jais with “Menimbang Rasa” and “Harapan Kecewa” and “Jika Engkau Pergi”, that won Imran the medal for Gold – Best Performance in an Original Composition Category at the World Performing Championships 2009 in Los Angeles, 1 out of 3 medals that he won during the event.

1. Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang
2. Radio
3. Menimbang Rasa
4. Jika Engkau Pergi
5. Yang Ku Perlu
6. Tak Mungkin
7. Mengaku Kalah
8. Harapan Kecewa
9. Tak Mungkin
10. Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang (Instrumental)

Click HERE to purchase the MP3s or entire album on iTunes.
Click HERE to stream the entire album on Spotify.
Click HERE to stream the entire album on Deezer.

This music is available in all territories around the world. Please share it to your social networks when you tune in or purchase to these tracks.

FunFact: Did you know that this album has a different album cover for the Singapore edition and for the Malaysian edition? The cover you see above here is the cover for the Singapore issue, the Malaysian artwork is the one used in the music downloads available on the platforms mentioned above. Both the artwork was done by PlayPause.

Singer & Radio Announcer, Dina Nadzir, from Era FM instagrams the back-cover of a CD that reflects its last 6 tracks, and one of them is, of course, Imran Ajmain. “Seribu Tahun” is listed amongst songs like “Farhana” from Jinbara, “Kebahagian Dalam Perpisahan” from Shahir and “Selamat Tinggal” from Zizan and Dina herself, amongst others. Dina comments in the photo-sharing network that “it will all be revealed on Wednesday”.

“Seribu Tahun” was Imran Ajmain’s first Malaysian single that changed his career in 2006.

spotify list

Imran Ajmain’s Ramadan Playlist Week 2

  1. Selawat Terapi Jiwa – UNIC
  2. Asma Allah – Sami Yusof
  3. AdaMu – Najwa Latif
  4. Sujud – Mawi & KRU
  5. Mohon Padanya Sujud Padanya – Al-Jawaher
  6. Kembara Di Tanah Gersang – Akhil Hayy
  7. Selawat Kasih – Unique, INTEAM
  8. Solawatuwasalam – Raihan
  9. Keagungan Tuhan – Gigi
  10. Rukun Islam – P.Ramlee

To listen to this playlist on Spotify, click HERE or click the image above.

Check out Week 1’s collection of songs HERE.
Find out how to get onto Spotify HERE.

If you don’t wish to start an account on Spotify, you may listen to the playlist via Imran’s Tumblr HERE.

Artiste: Imran Ajmain & Firwan Johan
Composition: Rauzan Rahman, Firwan Johan & Imran Ajmain
Lyrics: Imran Ajmain & Firwan Johan
Arrangement & Production: Rauzan Rahman
Label: FIPRO & BrandNewFeeling
Distribution: Life Records (Malaysia)


Biar tertulis
Aku terbilis
Ku takkan jadi mangsanya
Berkali-kali ku bilang
Jangan kau menghilang
Kini hanya tinggalah nama

Tak mungkin ku bertahan
Pegang pada daun dan dahan
Bersurutnya pantai
Tertinggal aku kekeringan

Ku tak bisa lagi
Tak bisa menyayangi kamu
Ku tak kisah lagi
Tak kisah apa yang berlaku
Tiada sisa lagi
Tak bisa menahani kamu
Tak tersiksa lagi
Tersiksa menanti cinta mu

Inginku lupa
Kan segalanya
Pergi lah kamu
Dari sisiku
Usah kau ragu
Usah kau rayu
Ku tak lagi
Memerlukan mu

Ohhh..ohh ohhhh… 2x


All Rights Reserved.

p/s Spotify, iTunes and Deezer links coming soon.

The countdown is almost over. Imran Ajmain introduces Firwan Johan in a remix version of the latter’s single ‘Hanya Kenangan’. Look out for links that come on Twitter and YouTube tonight at midnight.  The original song sounds like this; play video above.

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Looks like the days go by really fast. In 2 days time, Imran Ajmain is about to release his first song since ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ last year in November. Although the song is originally a Firwan Johan joint, Imran’s remix is nonetheless awesome. (Yes, we heard it!). The track is produced by Singaporean Hiphop producer Rauzan Rahman who, according to our calendar, started tweeting about working with Imran in Kuala Lumpur, of which, somethings must have gone really awesome to trigger this remix.

Here’s what’s going to happen. There is a countdown happening on Instagram with the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix – repost and join the countdown. On Thursday, 20th June 2013, the MP3 will be up on SoundCloud and the Video will be up on YouTube. (Follow the links top right of this page). There is a special Imtiaz preview too earlier that day; if you’re a member of Imran Ajmain’s fanclub, you will be notified of this soon!

Expect some merchandise, and some awesome promo giveaways for Hanya Kenangan Remix, stay tuned! You will hear from us next on the day of the release itself!

p/s The next song and video after #HanyaKenanganRemix is READY. Guess?



Sneak Peek at the Lyrics:

“Biar tertulis, aku terbilis

Ku takkan jadi mangsanya

Berkali-kali ku bilang

Jangan kau menghilang

Kini hanya tinggallah nama”


Watch Firwan Johan’s Original Acoustic Version of Hanya Kenangan.

Come join the countdown and tag @ImranAjmain in your uploads too on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix.



According to Instagram’s measure of how long a certain post have been made, Imran last posted about a song titled “Hanya Kenangan Remix” in March 2013. Looks like the countdown is back! We found this posted today at 5pm on his account. If you click on the #HanyaKenanganRemix hashtag, you will see an army of people posting and re-posting the countdown images onto their own Instagram accounts. Who are these people??

Firwan Johan put up the original song produced by Rauzan Rahman under his BrandNewFeeling movement last year. Imran allegedly recorded his own verse to it and now there’s this remix we are counting down to. Today is Day 10!

Watch Firwan Johan’s Acoustic Version of Hanya Kenangan. 

Come join the countdown and tag @ImranAjmain in your uploads too and don’t forget the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix.

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