90an Gerek Recording: In January, Imran recorded an episode of ’90an Gerek’ produced by Najip Ali’s DuaM in Singapore. Imran sings with ballad legend, Aisyah, on her hit “Janji Manis Mu”. Look out for fancam! The episode will air in late March.

Muzik Arena: Imran also appears on another Suria production, with Mayuni Omar. It will also air in March. The show is hosted by Fiza O.

Save Our Rainforest Race: Imran becomes the Ambassador for PEKA, an organisation campaigning to take care of the forests of Pahang. Imran appears with Dato Khatijah Ibrahim, Ella, Zainal Abidin and more. For more information, visit PEKA’s official web HERE.

Luka Itu Perlu: Imran’s mini-documentary goes ONLINE, you can watch it HERE

RedBox Artiste of the Month: Imran’s Dikalung Kasihan is available at all RedBox outlets and the DVD is distributed as prizes.
To find out more, go HERE

Dikalung Kasihan on MTV: The video debuts on MTV Asia! Pssst, look what MTV presented Imran with.

What did you do in January?

Write to Imran’s management at

Imran’s song “Dikalung Kasihan” is now available at every RedBox, RedBox Ria, GreenBox outlets throughout Malaysia as sing-a-long Karaoke.

Correction: “Beza biar ketara tanpamu” not “Beza dia ketara tanpamu”

Imran Ajmain has been chosen to represent PEKA in an effort to “Save Our Rainforest” namely the Chamang Waterfalls, at Bentong, Pahang. This is a video from the press conference held at Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur yesterday. There will be a 10km walk on the 2nd March, open to all to participate, with an actual tree-planting event at the hilltop afterwards.

For more information, visit

Video: runwitme

It was all worth it that I decided to take leave today for the event. Thank you, @imranajmain @awen86 and @innerviena for making this happened! *smiling ear to ear* #imtiaz #dikalungkasihan#imranajmain #redbox

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang to Imtiaz: Herda Zainal, Wahidah Bakar, Honey Ashiekin, and Mery Shofie.

Pictured above is Imran singing with Herda Zainal during #Imtiaz26Dec last month where Imran celebrated the birthdays of the December babies.

Imtiaz is Imran’s fanclub where they often meet in gatherings and post-performances; you may register HERE.

Happy birthday to all born in January!

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Get the ringbacktone if you’re in Malaysia or Singapore and get a chance to be called by Imran Ajmain himself and win a Samsung Galaxy Note II from Life Records. Get the ringtone codes within the ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ video HERE, and leave your name and number in the private message section of Imran’s Facebook page HERE. Good luck.

Contest ends 31st January 2012.

Last night, I had the privilege of being the guest judge for the first episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega; a tri-country version of popular comedy competition where contestants are made up of popular actors (and singers). The panel of permanent judges are made up of Dato Chef Wan (a chef!), Dato Siti Nurhaliza (a singer!) and Zainal Abidin Hassan (soccer legend!). I suppose it was not obvious enough for audiences at home to figure out that the judges’ opinions are simply an extension/representation of a regular consumer. All the comments basically revolve around whether it was funny or not; something you at home believe you can do and happily do it all the time.

However, to a certain misfortune, Twitterjaya wasn’t pleased that the panel of judges (including the guest judge) are made up of non-comedians. Hey, Jalil Hamid and Imuda, who are probably the funniest old-timers on TV, are taking part in the competition! Who else is left! Well, you had your un-mentions and I replied on TV. Don’t think you can beat that. Jangan lebih kuah dari sudu ya. Bab-bab nak comment orang lain bukan main lagi, sendiri kalau terkena terkencing-kencing nanti. Haha! Anyway, the show was awesome! 17 contestants, 3 minutes each, throwing insults at each other and other contestants (based on true-life incidents), and I got to sit amongst the greats.

It goes to show, and a gentle daily reminder it is, that we cannot please everyone and you know what, that’s absolutely fine! Thanks to the Astro crew especially Kamal, Ellis, Orkid and all I met last night.


I’m currently working on my third album and it’s taken so long because I’ve spent a year mostly on the road and I’ve had awesome 2011 to date. Can’t wait to let you listen to a new sound. I’ve officially left the whole old-school sound and opted to go for a more contemporary pop sound. I’m sure there’ll be one or to of the Jiwang songs that I’m so used to. Promise.

Last weekend, I had some Singaporean guests over. Remember the Raya video I showed you a few weeks back? Guess what? My mentor Fazley Yaakob and I decided to sign them via our respective companies, FIPRO and Gumbira. Our first joint-venture project! We recorded over at Rafikoncept at Taman Tun, a luscious acoustic song. Can’t wait to present to you guys their new name and the song that Fazley wrote and composed, and Rafik and I produced. You just wait.



Thanks to Asmidar for the write-up on the WhoLah party. For more information on WhoLah, visit

My good friend Nadrah gave birth to a healthy Nurah Ameerah. Went over to her MIL’s beautiful home in Woodlands over the weekend in Singapore. Ten points for the chinaware and the chocolate-strawberry cake fresh from the oven.


This is my newest nephew, Muhd Aydin, the firstborn to my first cousin Muhd Hidier and his wife Zafeera. All the people who I sang at their weddings are having babies. You know what they say; free smells!

Fazley Yaakob was presented with the gift that keeps on giving; a third son. And what do bestfriends do when their famous friend’s wife gives birth (again)? You call the press. So I did.

Major thanks to Murai, Mstar, Metro Harian, Gua Malaysia, Budiey, Media Hiburan, Ohbulan, Beautifulnara, Selebritweets, Mangga Online, RotiKaya and more for the hook-up. I was damn proud to start my press release with “Saya ditugaskan untuk menyebarkan berita baik untuk keluarga beliau” (I am being entasked to distribute this good news on behalf of the family). So I present to you, my nephew; Piyush. Also check out his Papa Cool on my Tumblr.

p/s: To Fazley, congratulations to you and Kak Azrene. This one’s the home run!

I was invited to sing for the first WhoLah party organized by Carrefour. Basically, it’s an iPhone/iPad app you can download, connect with your Facebook, and you can play the guessing game (matching names to faces of friends on your Facebook) and score actual prizes that you can claim over at Carrefour.

Thanks guys for having me appear at your party! I sang with this awesome band, Thing One, and did Stevie’s “Lately” and Chaka’s “Through The Fire”. How appropriate my man Altimet was in the crowd and tweeps teased that I sang the song for him, in the midst of his “Malaysian Boy” Kanye Controversy. Trust me, publishing and copyright law is simpler than it seems! All the pictures are uploaded to my Facebook. Look out for the WhoLah app at your friendly app store.

Earlier this year I produced this song written by Hafiz Hamidun & Ad Samad, then was the Producer for this music video for Hydir Idris’ song “Kasih Belum Termiliki”. This boy has got huge vocals, and this song suited his evergreen/oldies style. Do share the video on your blog or FB wall.

Who would have thought that counting down to 100 days being smoke-free would lead to many unrelated good things? I’ve been offered to write a guide book on those who would like to quit like me. Alhamdulilah! Let’s start writing! The picture above was taken by PlayPause during the Singapore leg of the 100 Day Acoustic Tour at Badoque Cafe.