This is very well-edited video of Hyrul’s music video launch a month back. Can’t wait to do more events!



I was the host for Hyrul’s music video launch! Came back in a hurry, left in a hurry. Shout-outs to PlayPause for the quick artwork and printing services, especially the paddle. I wanted to have a backdrop and get folks to pose infront of it, have their pictures taken, a la red carpet. They could upload quickly onto their social media networks and my job would be done. But two things; the party was private and the reception at the Arts House sucked big time! So Hyrul and I decided to come up with paddles! Awesome idea. Can’t wait to do another event. To check out more pictures from Hyrul’s event, you can go to the gallery at his Facebook Fanpage. Thanks to all media friends who came too! Picture above from Izone.