Here’s inviting you to join me and the Imtiaz gang for some Satay; an unofficial official gathering before the start of Ramadhan here in Kuala Lumpur. It is said to be the most succulent and delicious satay in the KL area, so we’re going to try it for ourselves to see. On the 7th June, Saturday, we will be gathering at 6pm at the venue itself, with a private room all to ourselves. To join us, please contact @imtiaz4ia on Twitter or Instagram or you can email to imtiaz@imranajmain.com to find out more.

If I had a chance to re-record #SeribuTahun I would finish the ending like this. “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” my first album from 2006 goes digital (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon) in a matter of days. Thanks everyone for the love!



I had ordered some special desserts for Imtiaz who came from all over to have lunch/tea with me at The Sumbs. Of course, they were all from SukaSucre. Basically, we had the famous Kekonut: a moist orange cake with crispy pastry and ganache outside it, eaten with a butterscotch sauce. We had the Madagascar Vanilla Creme Brulee, crispy on the surface, and creamy on the inside. And of course, we had the macarons: Pina Colada flavoured – Coconut macaron shells with pineapple ganache in between. Everyone took photos of it longer than they actually savoured it. I’m glad everyone loved them!

All images from Nur Haziyah.

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Here are more pictures during EraFM’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party with Dato’ Fazley where I was paired with my actor/friend, Sazrin Aizul, to decorate a cake for charity. I loved the apron haha!

More pictures from Adam Yusof.



I wouldn’t think that after almost a decade being involved in the music business, I would suddenly be thrown into the food and beverage business. Well, that’s mainly because Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s venture into patisserie has also led us, the FIPRO artistes and his family too, to be directly or indirectly involved. For me, with my marketing edge, I wanted to take a heads-on, hands-on approach. I went ahead to plan a lot of the promotions, especially online marketing, for Dato’s brand, SukaSucre. Currently, I’ve become the Chief Creative Officer behind the brand, and I am responsible to make the products available nationwide and God-willing, worldwide. Alhamdulilah, I get better at the things I love doing because I love doing my work! Get it?

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The pictures above are from Adam Yusof during EraFM’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party.




I got to be a part of Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party with EraFM held at The Sumbs Cafe, Shah Alam where I participated with my friend, fellow FIPRO artiste, Sazrin Aizul for the cake decorating challenge. The cakes that decorated, not baked ya, were auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to a flood victim fund-raiser. I had the honour of having Chef Joe from MasterChef Malaysia fame comment on our work, and you know what he said? “The person who decorated this happens to be someone sentimental, can be somewhat regimental, likes rules and abide by them. Which one of you is it?” He asked me and Sazrin. It clearly was me! I suppose he was right. You wanna see the cake?

I got to sing “Setulus Kasih” for the first time infront of some media friends, and was interviewed too, in which I kept repeating my story about “the new album does not include any sad songs”. Let’s see how long we can keep up with his happiness streak. Forever I hope!

Thank you to Clora Studio for the images!


Last Saturday, I was in Singapore to have my key taken by the one and only Pak Ngah for the concert to be held at the Esplanade on the 1st of January next year. The concert is to honour songs written by Cikgu Yusnor Ef. In a night of 26 songs, selected out of Cikgu’s 400 song catalogue, I will be singing 5 songs! Get your tickets from Sistic. (Pictures by Deanna)

For more pictures, check out my Tumblr post. 

I have been selected to perform alongside some contemporaries namely Sezairi, Zaibaktian, Maya Rahman and some legends such as Rahimah Rahim, Sanisah Huri, J Mizan. It will be my first time under the musical directorship of renown traditional Malay music maestro, Pak Ngah. We will be singing songs written by Cikgu Yusnor Ef, in an evening tribute to him! Get your tickets.

It is my first time meeting singer, songwriter and writer, Dewi Lestari, and our chance meeting could have only happened because I took up the invitation speak at the Singapore Writers Festival’s Malay leg. I have listened to her songs, read 1 of her books which I had bought in Jakarta in 2008, and have watched one of the movies that she wrote, ‘Perahu Kertas’. But only upon having sat next to her, and listen to her speak about her craft, that I knew I’m a true fan. She spoke of her poetic influences and I wasn’t the least bit shy to admit the lack of appreciation towards poetry and spoken word in Singapore. When asked by the moderator, Oniatta Affendi, could music be a distraction when lyrics are poetry in itself; I said this – “On Indonesian television, on Hari Raya, on their Independence Day, at concerts, it is not unfamiliar to have a poetry recital on stage, true?” Dee, as she affectionately calls herself, nods. Afterwards, a kind soul in the audience asked if one requires to be powerful in the Malay language to be able to write lyrics, or can anyone with a flair for words get away with writing songs? I say, kind soul, because I was so confident to answer it as though she came purely to pick my brains.

I replied, “In Singapore, the artiste and the creative individual, be it, songwriter, composer, or arranger, is not identified as different people. It is known to all as one person. Therefore, it is the singer of the song who is seen as creative if the song enlightens you, artistic if the song touches you exactly where it intended to, and automatically too, the artiste is blamed for any errors in language. If the artiste is the songwriter is the composer is the storyteller, the flag that he bears is one that is carefully stitched, and any mistake you hear in the song is not intended. (Going off topic but remained cool to not look awkward, exhale!) Yes, you need to speak well, in order to write (a song) well.”

Dewi was asked if songwriting can be forced. She said “There are some producers who can sit down in the studio, on the piano and work on 2 songs a day, churning out hits for random artistes everytime they come and challenge them with an offer. But I can’t do that. It comes to me, at those unknowing, special times, in the shower, when I’m alone, and a line comes with its melody strikes me, like a lightning!” She took the words right out of my mouth, and there I was, with my mouth wide open, so amazed at her choice of words. Like a strike of lightning, too, I was made to understand this vast unexplored world of Malay-language literature in this short 1 hour forum about “effective songwriting through the decades” from Cikgu Yusnor Ef’s catalogue of 400 since 1947, and Dewi’s 2 song per year repertoire. It made me feel small and humble. At the closing, I sang lines from my own favourite song, “Hanya Menari”, and later in the day, Dewi had tweeted her fondness for my lyrics. The feeling is magical. Is that how some fans feel when I tweet to them? Heh.

Only because I read as a child, as a teenager, as a young man, that I know all the things I today and I write the way I do. Thanks for the inspiration, Dee!

Thank you to Firda, National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Writers Festival for having me!


Waxing Lyrical across the Generations (Menggarap Seni Kata yang Tahan Berzaman)

Apakah hubungan antara seni kata lagu dan puisi? Pelajari kaitan mendalam dan kemungkinan-kemungkinan imaginatif antara dua bentuk berbeza ini dalam lanskap kebudayaan Melayu. Sertai Dewi Lestari, Imran Ajmain dan Yusnor Ef di sesi perbincangan yang akan menyingkap trend penulisan seni kata lagu.

What is the linkage between song lyrics and poetry? Discover the rich connections and imaginative possibilities of these two different forms in the Malay cultural landscape.

This session is in Malay.

Moderated by: Oniatta Effendi

Featuring: Dewi Lestari, Imran Ajmain, Yusnor Ef

2 Nov, Sat

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM | 60 mins

Seminar Room, National Museum of Singapore.

For more details about the festival and ticketing, please visit: http://www.singaporewritersfestival.com/


PetroSains Science Festival will be hosting a Social Media Forum on the 23rd October 2013 at 3pm and it’s for everyone so check the details at www.sciencefestival.my, book your tickets by calling 03-2331 8181 or pre-register http://sciencefestival.my/whats-in/pre-registration.

Imran Ajmain will be joined by Celebrity Chef Nik Michael Imran and other celebrities to discuss “Building your brand on social media”.

More details at: www.sciencefestival.my


As a follow up to the inaugural Music Matters Academy which ran as a 3-day project for Singaporean artists at Music Matters 2013, HOUSE PARTY is set to take place on 5th October 2013, at the Aliwal Arts Centre (home of SGMUSO). Featuring a stellar line-up of over 20 homegrown acts who have benefitted from the SGMUSO – Music Matters Academy initiative, important panel discussions/workshops as well as the exclusive screening of two local documentaries, HOUSE PARTY is jammed packed with activities in the span of a day!

At 2pm, there will be a talk “Honing your artistic vision” where musicians share their own unique vision and approach to their craft and how they feel their work contribute to Singapore society at large. 

  • Panelists include:
    – Vanessa Fernandez (Vandetta)
    – Kevin Lester (The LionCity Boy)
    – Budi (Wicked Aura)
    – Imran Ajmain

For more information, please visit SGMUSO on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgmuso



Imran appears at Jamiyah’s Exemplary Mother’s Award this Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore at 2pm. Appearing alongside are host/radio announcer, A B Shaik, Mubeen Sa’adat, Elson Soh and The Final 1 champion, Farisha Ishak. Tickets are at SGD80 and more information available on the artwork above.