I was not around in Kuala Lumpur during the weekend of my birthday so I had a belated birthday gathering (one out of plenty, hehe!) with my beloved Imtiaz gang. We chose from a list of burger joints, and I chose the most unfamiliar location; Ara Damansara. We went to Burger Factory, and had a blast, with a surprise cake and all. 6 boys, 6 gals, each a huge burger to themselves. I said no to the charcoal burger as what it does to the teeth; not a good thing to savour when in crowds! Haha. They called it #IABurgerDate so I guess it’ll become a tradition. You can look it up on Twitter and Instagram too, the hashtag works; with all the updates/pics.

Looks like we’re having a gathering again, for satay this time around. Ada cake lagi tak? Thanks to all for the birthday gifts! Love them. You can check out all the pictures here on Imtiaz’s FB. 

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