2-Imran Ajmain Dan Aliff Aziz (1)1


I was interviewed by radio announcer, Henry from SandakanFM, an RTM radio station over in Sabah, Malaysia over the phone. Although we were discussing my new song, my new album, and all things new, I was brought back to the last time I was in Sandakan. This picture was when Farawahida, Aliff Aziz, Diddy, Adam, and Erna did an 8 day tour of Sabah together back in 2008.

There was one time in Tawau where the girls there were particularly interested more in Aliff than anyone else, and they started crowding around the bus and rocked it left and right when Aliff didn’t want to come down and take more pictures. We were the Beatles! Would love to return to Sabah if given the opportunity. Thanks Henry and SandakanFM. Tune in to SandakanFM at http://sandakanfm.rtm.gov.my

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