The first album “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” from 2006 is now available on all digital music platforms internationally including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, KKBox. It includes a new version of ‘Apa Salah Beta’ and 10 songs in total.

  1. Taurus (Penawar Rindu) featuring Altimet & Dayang Nurfaizah
  2. Malu
  3. Apa Salah Beta featuring Othman Hamzah
  4. Sudah tu Sudah
  5. Abang
  6. Kata Orang featuring Mawar Berduri
  7. Compromise
  8. Ghaibmu
  9. Hanya Menari
  10. Seribu Tahun
Funfact: Compromise was the only recorded English song and it played only in Brunei!

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