Imran Ajmain’s positive move 
by Shah Shamshiri

IS the grass really greener on the other side? Some people say it is, and it certainly seems so for a good number of performing artistes from across the causeway.

Popular Singaporean crooner, Imran Ajmain thinks that it is only natural that Malay artistes from Singapore move to seek their fortune in Malaysia. Like others before him, Imran decided to cross the border in search of a better future. Of course, it comes as no surprise. After all, the likes of M Nasir, Ferhad, and Jai, to name a few, were his fellow countrymen who managed to make a name for themselves in Malaysia.

“Just like other Southeast Asian Chinese artistes who venture into the Taiwanese and Hong Kong markets for their careers, I think it is normal for Singaporean Malay artistes to come to Malaysia for the same thing,” said Imran in an exclusive interview with Red Carpet last Thursday.

To date, Imran has released two albums in Malaysia, and is currently busy preparing to launch his third. Known for his sad love songs and melancholy ballads, Imran revealed that his next album will carry a more ‘positive’ tone.

“I have always been known as a ballad singer and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But I just realised that the songs you write and sing, indirectly are like prayers and wishes for yourself. So I do believe there is a psychological impact. And with most of my songs bearing sad I-love-you-don’t leave-me themes, I think it’s about time I changed the mood a little, and bring a more positive vibe for my next album,” explained the star who just released his latest song, Setulus Kasih.

Even though he is now based in Malaysia, the singer who happens to be of Dutch and Malay descent admitted to spending a lot more time in the Lion City to be with his mother, especially in recent months.

“Ever since my father passed away in May this year, I have been spending more time with my mother to keep her company and give support as a son. We even went to Europe during the fasting month for a long summer break just to get our mind off things.”

Imran’s late father, Ahmad Husaini Ajmain was a well-known musician that had worked with many big names during his heyday, including veteran Malaysian star, the late Azean Irdawaty who passed away only very recently.

Despite the pain and grief of having lost his father, the talented singer and songwriter seems optimistic about the coming New Year, and is determined to ensure that his next album will turn out the way he envisioned.

As an artiste, Imran is one celebrity that actively connects with his fans and followers directly on all his social media platforms. In fact, he believes that it is the best way to promote and market his music.

“Promoting music nowadays is no longer like what it used to be 10 or 20 years ago. A singer no longer has to wait for his video or song to premiere on the radio or TV. Now, we can just preview them on the Internet and social media platforms.”

His latest single, Setulus Kasih, is already available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon. Fans can also view snippets on his Twitter and Facebook.

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