Know what you’re getting yourself into.

1. Putting your song on SoundCloud or YouTube doesn’t make it a single. It requires you to get press mentions, be it traditional media or online media, for it to be called a “single”. Better if you can get radio air-play, then it becomes a “radio single”. If it’s just YouTube with no actual sale or promotion, then it’s just “one of my songs”, not a single.

2. You want some spotlight, why private Instagram account? When people start looking you up for your work, they are probably going to find you first on the popular social networks that they prefer, and when your account is a locked up harem of personal party pictures that you have to carefully select who you allow in your club, then you’re not going to be a star, in any manner. You want to show off your crazy lifestyle, go ahead, but not in a private account. It turns people off.

3. If you’re a singer, don’t turn up at the film and TV drama events. If you’re an actor, you also don’t have business at the music award shows strutting your local-designer goods. No matter what people say “Oh we’re here to support each other”, it doesn’t really work that way. Come for events where people know who you are, and where you (believe you can) add value to it.

4. Know that Facebook allows only 5000 friends in your personal Facebook account and nobody actually has 5000 friends. It gets messy, trust me. Have a Facebook Page and share only the good stuff; sync your Instagram with it.

5. Diplomacy can be overrated. People who like you for your craft will squeeze what they have out of you in the guise that it is good for you and your career, and people who don’t like you might later learn the gems you have to offer if you last long in this career. Always remind yourself and also the ugly people that you happen to work with that “only God offers you rezeki” and don’t be afraid to say No. Don’t be afraid to say Yes also, because it’s the dark experiences that makes you who you are when you reach a big milestone later.

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