I got to be a part of Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party with EraFM held at The Sumbs Cafe, Shah Alam where I participated with my friend, fellow FIPRO artiste, Sazrin Aizul for the cake decorating challenge. The cakes that decorated, not baked ya, were auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to a flood victim fund-raiser. I had the honour of having Chef Joe from MasterChef Malaysia fame comment on our work, and you know what he said? “The person who decorated this happens to be someone sentimental, can be somewhat regimental, likes rules and abide by them. Which one of you is it?” He asked me and Sazrin. It clearly was me! I suppose he was right. You wanna see the cake?

I got to sing “Setulus Kasih” for the first time infront of some media friends, and was interviewed too, in which I kept repeating my story about “the new album does not include any sad songs”. Let’s see how long we can keep up with his happiness streak. Forever I hope!

Thank you to Clora Studio for the images!

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