I wouldn’t think that after almost a decade being involved in the music business, I would suddenly be thrown into the food and beverage business. Well, that’s mainly because Dato’ Fazley Yaakob’s venture into patisserie has also led us, the FIPRO artistes and his family too, to be directly or indirectly involved. For me, with my marketing edge, I wanted to take a heads-on, hands-on approach. I went ahead to plan a lot of the promotions, especially online marketing, for Dato’s brand, SukaSucre. Currently, I’ve become the Chief Creative Officer behind the brand, and I am responsible to make the products available nationwide and God-willing, worldwide. Alhamdulilah, I get better at the things I love doing because I love doing my work! Get it?

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The pictures above are from Adam Yusof during EraFM’s Chocolate Cake Launch Party.

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