I had the great privilege of owning a premium WeChat account where our login is not via the mobile app, but via desktop/web. With this function, I’m allowed to broadcast messages including audio and video files to my followers. What started out as a humble 400 following for quite sometime had skyrocketed to 1700 followers in the past week. I’ve been promoting for people to “follow” me to have a sneak peak at the ‘Setulus Kasih’ song that I was going to share to only my WeChat followers. Based on my previous experience, it might take up to 2 hours for everyone to receive my message(s). I had uploaded the 30 second clip at 8pm and even though I said I’d start chatting at 10pm to 11pm, I started at 6pm right through til 1am! Thank you WeChat Malaysia for believing in me wanting to try something new with my music.

Terima kasih juga kepada semua yang download WeChat hanya semata-mata nak dengar lagu ‘Setulus Kasih’. Ada yang dah memang terror dah, dia yang mengajar kita gambar dan audio yang saya hantar boleh share ke Moments untuk tatapan contacts yang lain. Ada yang banyak pulak soalan tanya macam-macam semasa sesi chat tapi saya OK jer. Maaf kepada mereka yang “follow” akaun saya selepas pukul 8malam, tak dapatlah dengar previu lagu tu! Next time ya. Terima kasih memberi sokongan kepada lagu baru saya ya. Insya-Allah, kita chatting lagi! Thank you semua!

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