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If you are wondering why I am wearing all black at the beach, I was, literally, under the weather, hiding under the shade off the coast of South China Sea. 1 big night of seafood at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah a few days earlier didn’t go well with me, but I jumped out of bed and made my way through the zig-zag inner-roads of Johor to get to Mersing. I had NO IDEA that these was where the beautiful beach islands were all located, like Perhentian and Tioman. If I had done my Google Maps prior, I would have packed some sunblock, soak in some sun.
Alas, my visit was purely an educational one. My team and I were invited to speak about Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media, and we had done so in the capacity of the invitation extended to us via Kolej Komuniti department. If I was not mourning over my sensitive stomach, I would have dived into a fresh catch of prawns, in huge abundance, as the border of Johor-Kuantan is famous for. Next time, janji!

Thanks to the kind people at SMK Mersing, Johor.

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