I have given it much thought. As an artiste, sometimes it is hard to block out the noise from the outside world and focus on your craft. A painter can remain faceless and most of the time, nameless too. Yet we can appreciate their art work and even those who have something to say, the painter remains oblivious. He has no-one to please. But that is not similar for a pop artiste. The art of making music, as a singer-songwriter, is distracted by first, the need to become famous to get any sort of attention for their work, and secondly, to remain relevant as the years passed. With days gone by, and the initial fans grow up and sometimes grow out of touch, the artiste needs to keep up with the game; frequently having to resort to writing music similar to what’s hot out there, and frequently reminded that, without that compromise, one wouldn’t be able to last.

Guess what? I don’t believe in it. I believe pure talent know that they only need to push through the noise, accompanied by a handful of true supporters, they will soar great heights. I have allowed myself since 2009 to not come up with anything new. Let me start with this 1 song first. The title is ‘Setulus Kasih’ and it is written and composed by upcoming singer-songwriter-composer Reyza Hamizan. The album will be titled ‘Setulus Kasih’ as well. And it’s about your pure love to me.

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Join me this Sunday 17 Nov 2013 10pm on WeChat. Find “imranajmain2525” and you will receive a voice-note, a preview of my new song, and we can chat for an hour after that! How about it?

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