I think I have spent too much time on social media, consuming and contributing on a daily basis and have come to a point where it is not exciting as before. I like routines. I wake up, check for missed messages and calls, check Twitter first, then browse through Instagram, skim through Facebook a bit while waiting for the unread messages to load, and the occasional Tumblr-ing. Oh ya, how can I forget? Even trying to see what’s up on Google+. How long can one do this? Just because you’re a fan of fried chicken, doesn’t mean you would eat it everyday right? Ok, some would, bad example. My point is that: As a social media enthusiast, the longer you’re online, the more you do, the more you have to do. The more you consume, the more you contribute. I even asked if it was a good idea to get off it, everyone says they could do without going online for 24 hours maximum. Can you? Erm, can I?

I have decided to blog again, like I did throughout the 90s and early 2000s where it was a joy to read and write online journals, and chronicle the daily doings and opinion to purposefully find a voice. At the Singapore Writers Festival, I was surrounded by readers and writers. I told Rauzan that “most of these talks start off really slow, and when it picks up and gets intense, it’s already finishing”. I was right. It just ended while we were right on course with the discussions. There must be a way for me to say more, to give more, to absorb and learn more at the same time. Botched writing deal, kiss my a**! I know what I can do.

Thanks to my fanclub, #imtiaz100, for encouraging me. They even remember that my old blog was called “Diari Seekor Kumbang” (Diary of a Bug). Oh, those days were fun. They call it long-reads now because everyone is on Twitter for short and quick rants. Twitter is just too quick. Facebook is just too crowded. But here, here on my own blog, is a sort of peaceful garden where you come only for me, only to see me, (how syiok sendiri that sounds). But it is via my blog too, let me remind you, that I did say too much at one time, and unintentionally offended some people with my idealistic opinions. You know what they say, the pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the sword! Not that I’m going to purposely ruffle some feathers, but if this is the only way to be heard, I will try not to be careless. I will tweet less, post less on Facebook, and write here more often. You will simply have to start paying attention.

Here we go. Digital decrease, self-help/self-upgrade/spiritual-healing/Alzheimer’s-prevention increase, starts now.

p/s Thanks to the Admin team who have been updating for the past year!

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