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Last Saturday’s performance of “Menimbang Rasa” by Imran Ajmain who was the surprise guest for #AkiAkmal’s wedding at Dewan Felda, Kuala Lumpur. This 15 sec video was shot by a guest, embedded with permission.

1st out of 3 videos shot by members of #imtiaz100 who came for Imran’s short performance at Laman Budaya during Estari. The video was edited by Nasrullah Napi. To find out more about joining Imtiaz, please read up at


Waxing Lyrical across the Generations (Menggarap Seni Kata yang Tahan Berzaman)

Apakah hubungan antara seni kata lagu dan puisi? Pelajari kaitan mendalam dan kemungkinan-kemungkinan imaginatif antara dua bentuk berbeza ini dalam lanskap kebudayaan Melayu. Sertai Dewi Lestari, Imran Ajmain dan Yusnor Ef di sesi perbincangan yang akan menyingkap trend penulisan seni kata lagu.

What is the linkage between song lyrics and poetry? Discover the rich connections and imaginative possibilities of these two different forms in the Malay cultural landscape.

This session is in Malay.

Moderated by: Oniatta Effendi

Featuring: Dewi Lestari, Imran Ajmain, Yusnor Ef

2 Nov, Sat

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM | 60 mins

Seminar Room, National Museum of Singapore.

For more details about the festival and ticketing, please visit:

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PetroSains Science Festival will be hosting a Social Media Forum on the 23rd October 2013 at 3pm and it’s for everyone so check the details at, book your tickets by calling 03-2331 8181 or pre-register

Imran Ajmain will be joined by Celebrity Chef Nik Michael Imran and other celebrities to discuss “Building your brand on social media”.

More details at:

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The album and all its tracks is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and almost 10 other online music platforms for downloading or for audio streaming. The release date is set at 15th October. 1 song will be promoted each week, with a focus on a brand new song not released before “Cemburu”. All the songs are written, composed and produced by Imran Ajmain with the help of some heavyweights such as Sulu Sarawak, Shah Shamshiri, Khairafik “Rafikoncept” Khairudin, Andi Merican and introducing new blood such as Fadly Ahmad, Reyza Hamizan and more.

The song “Sesebuah Perubahan” written for Hyrul Anuar by Imran Ajmain and Sulu Sarawak is now being used at the theme song for a MediaCorp Suria season II run of “Ubah Segalanya” that airs every Wednesday at 9pm in Singapore, and where the channel reaches to.

Follow Hyrul Anuar on his Social Media networks for updates.
Twitter: @hyrulanuar
Instagram: @hyrulanuar

Imran recently had a FaceTime session with Nasyeed singer, Hafiz Hamidun, uploaded specially for the #imtiaz100 members 2 weeks ago. The video is now made public. The 6 minute video talks about Imran’s involvement in Hafiz’ charity single, #R4biaSyria. Imran wrote the English version of the viral song. You may listen to the song on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and now on YouTube too.

Imran’s Remix of Firwan Johan’s “Hanya Kenangan” is now available on SoundCloud! If you’re a registered member, do follow for updates.

The song is written, composed and performed by Imran Ajmain and Firwan Johan. It was arranged, composed and produced by Rauzan Rahman for FIPRO, BrandNewFeeling, and distributed by Life Records (Msia).

You may also stream or purchase the song via these digital music portals:


Chapter One Done

The artiste management and label agency that signed Imran Ajmain has recently signed a Singaporean-born rapper/producer Rauzan Rahman onto their roster over at FIPRO. The same week, Rauzan Rahman’s extensive body of work is made available online on all digital music distributions such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and the likes. Rauzan Rahman used to be an artiste under Imran Ajmain’s Beats Society label (2004-2007) and now in a full circle, they meet in a brand new environment. Read: Dato’ Fazley’s FIPRO signs Rauzan Rahman.

Rauzan Rahman’s “Chapter One Done” presented by FIPRO includes the following tracks.

1.My First Storybook
2.MillionWear ft. Alyph Sleeq
3.KIX ft. TheCrazy88
4.My One
5.A Friend Is Better Than That
7.Kasih Mengapa ft. UrbanSensation & Roze
8.Always Be Loved ft. Roze
9.Wanted Me To Stay ft. OnlyXson
10.Runaway ft. Firwan Johan
11.SpaceShip ft. X’Statix
12.On Top Of The World ft. Zul Mystroe
13.GILA ft. TheCrazy88
14.Best ft. Pendekar
15.The Beginning ft. Royal’Ayce & Firwan Johan

You may listen to all the tracks on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and more.

In a historic move for the company (and for both these names too), Imran Ajmain will present 6 upcoming albums that Rauzan Rahman will produce made up of some heavyweight names and brand new stars from the Hiphop scene. The roster includes Firwan Johan whom Imran did “Hanya Kenangan (Remix)” with. The other acts are yet to be mentioned.

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