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Last week, Imran Ajmain joins renown Samba percussion group from Singapore aptly named Bloco Singapura in their journey to and performance at the annual Samba Festival Coburg in Germany. The 3 day festival saw the group perform two vocal sets, and 2 sets on percussions only.  For the vocal sets, the outfit was called Novo Bloco, and for the percussion set, they remained with the name Bloco Singapura.

Imran sings 4 songs written by lead guitarist, vocalist and music director, Syed Ahmad, for the talented group. They last collaborated during Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival 18 March 2012. For a glimpse of the performance, you may trackback a #fancam video  of Imran’s performance with the band during Mosaic Music Festival 2012 HERE.

The trip and performance consisted of the following members: Syed Ahmad, Abdul Rahman, Josiah Sunthan, Audrey Tengkey, Saidrudy Md Buang, Rahmat Md Buang, Budiman Rani, Hafiz Rahim, Charlene Looi, Chelsey Ng, Firmann Salim and chaperoned by Hanie Nadia.

For more pictures, you may click HERE for a photo album in Imran’s personal Facebook account or you may click the image above.

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