“Salam everyone, I’ve started using Spotify about 2 months ago when it arrived in Malaysia and only recently I discovered the magic of its search button and how much music that I like are available. For the month of Ramadan, instead of promoting my own music, I put together pleasant-listening and some surprise jams for all to listen during the day, while at work. I will try my best to find 10 songs a week for your listening pleasure. There will be surahs and selawats too. All you need is a Spotify account, it is free. You can sign up using Facebook. You can get it on the web, or via your Android or iOS phones/pads. Click on the playlist links that you see on my social media networks. Thank you all. Have a prosperous fasting month! Ramadan Kareem.” – Imran Ajmain

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service available in most parts of the world. You may get a free account for 10 hours listening or pay a small fee listen to it unlimited and ad-free. Get your Spotify account HERE now.

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