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Imran Ajmain’s documentary “Luka Itu Perlu” accompanying the release of “Dikalung Kasihan” now has English subtitles. To turn on the Close Captioning, click on the subtitles logo next to the Video Quality option on the bottom right of the player. “Luka Itu Perlu” was released earlier this year in January 2013 a month after the single hit the charts in Malaysia.

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Berita Harian (Singapore) chronicles Imran Ajmain’s journey to Coburg, Germany for his performance at the Samba Festival Coburg with Bloco Singapura as seen here on their Instagram account. The article was written by Hanim Mohd Salleh and speaks of the performance and experience there from Imran Ajmain’s perspective. “Tak peliklah muzik Samba” (Samba music is not strange at all) refers to Imran’s comment on “how the festival goers reacted towards Singaporean/Malay participants able to playing Samba music well”.

For a clearer picture, please click HERE for a Facebook link.

Check out “Imran Performs in Germany” post too.

Thank you to Berita Harian!

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Imran Ajmain’s sophomore studio album ‘Punca Dan Tindakan’ was released in 2009 where most online music stores were unheard of in the Malay community. Now, in a deal between Alibi Music (Malaysia) and Believe Digital (UK), the entire album is made available for downloads on iTunes, or streaming via Spotify and Deezer amongst other popular music services. This album spawned hits like “Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang”,  tribute covers to the late Dato’ Ahmad Jais with “Menimbang Rasa” and “Harapan Kecewa” and “Jika Engkau Pergi”, that won Imran the medal for Gold – Best Performance in an Original Composition Category at the World Performing Championships 2009 in Los Angeles, 1 out of 3 medals that he won during the event.

1. Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang
2. Radio
3. Menimbang Rasa
4. Jika Engkau Pergi
5. Yang Ku Perlu
6. Tak Mungkin
7. Mengaku Kalah
8. Harapan Kecewa
9. Tak Mungkin
10. Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang (Instrumental)

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This music is available in all territories around the world. Please share it to your social networks when you tune in or purchase to these tracks.

FunFact: Did you know that this album has a different album cover for the Singapore edition and for the Malaysian edition? The cover you see above here is the cover for the Singapore issue, the Malaysian artwork is the one used in the music downloads available on the platforms mentioned above. Both the artwork was done by PlayPause.

Singer & Radio Announcer, Dina Nadzir, from Era FM instagrams the back-cover of a CD that reflects its last 6 tracks, and one of them is, of course, Imran Ajmain. “Seribu Tahun” is listed amongst songs like “Farhana” from Jinbara, “Kebahagian Dalam Perpisahan” from Shahir and “Selamat Tinggal” from Zizan and Dina herself, amongst others. Dina comments in the photo-sharing network that “it will all be revealed on Wednesday”.

“Seribu Tahun” was Imran Ajmain’s first Malaysian single that changed his career in 2006.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.16.00 PM.png

Last week, Imran Ajmain joins renown Samba percussion group from Singapore aptly named Bloco Singapura in their journey to and performance at the annual Samba Festival Coburg in Germany. The 3 day festival saw the group perform two vocal sets, and 2 sets on percussions only.  For the vocal sets, the outfit was called Novo Bloco, and for the percussion set, they remained with the name Bloco Singapura.

Imran sings 4 songs written by lead guitarist, vocalist and music director, Syed Ahmad, for the talented group. They last collaborated during Singapore’s Mosaic Music Festival 18 March 2012. For a glimpse of the performance, you may trackback a #fancam video  of Imran’s performance with the band during Mosaic Music Festival 2012 HERE.

The trip and performance consisted of the following members: Syed Ahmad, Abdul Rahman, Josiah Sunthan, Audrey Tengkey, Saidrudy Md Buang, Rahmat Md Buang, Budiman Rani, Hafiz Rahim, Charlene Looi, Chelsey Ng, Firmann Salim and chaperoned by Hanie Nadia.

For more pictures, you may click HERE for a photo album in Imran’s personal Facebook account or you may click the image above.

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spotify list

Imran Ajmain’s Ramadan Playlist Week 2

  1. Selawat Terapi Jiwa – UNIC
  2. Asma Allah – Sami Yusof
  3. AdaMu – Najwa Latif
  4. Sujud – Mawi & KRU
  5. Mohon Padanya Sujud Padanya – Al-Jawaher
  6. Kembara Di Tanah Gersang – Akhil Hayy
  7. Selawat Kasih – Unique, INTEAM
  8. Solawatuwasalam – Raihan
  9. Keagungan Tuhan – Gigi
  10. Rukun Islam – P.Ramlee

To listen to this playlist on Spotify, click HERE or click the image above.

Check out Week 1’s collection of songs HERE.
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If you don’t wish to start an account on Spotify, you may listen to the playlist via Imran’s Tumblr HERE.

2013-05-26 09.34.24

There are a few Camera Uploads on Imran Ajmain’s Facebook Page from behind the scenes of the Manja Magazine shoot Ramadan edition where he dons a thoub at his alma mater Masjid En-Naeem in Singapore. You may view the pictures HERE or click on the image above.

Some mobile videos from the same shoot were also used to preview a new song titled “Hargailah Dia” on Keek.

The article on Manja Magazine was written by Nur Ashikin Kamaruddin, styled by Siti Hairani Aznor and photographed by Roy Lim.

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Imran Ajmain’s Ramadan Playlist Week 1

1. Balada Selawat – Gita Gutawa
2. Ramadan – Maher Zain
3. Lailaha Illallah – Hafiz Hamidun
4. Batas Asaku – Siti Nurhaliza
5. Ramadan is Here (Voice Only) – Native Deen
6. Ramadan – Mishary Alafasy
7. Waiting For The Call – Irfan Makki
8. Ya Nabbi Salam – Imam Muda Najdi
9. Amalan Selawat Syifa’ – Aishah
10. Cintaku Padamu Seluas Angkasa – 6ixth Sense

Click on the artwork above to listen to Imran Ajmain’s Ramadan Playlist or click HERE.



“Salam everyone, I’ve started using Spotify about 2 months ago when it arrived in Malaysia and only recently I discovered the magic of its search button and how much music that I like are available. For the month of Ramadan, instead of promoting my own music, I put together pleasant-listening and some surprise jams for all to listen during the day, while at work. I will try my best to find 10 songs a week for your listening pleasure. There will be surahs and selawats too. All you need is a Spotify account, it is free. You can sign up using Facebook. You can get it on the web, or via your Android or iOS phones/pads. Click on the playlist links that you see on my social media networks. Thank you all. Have a prosperous fasting month! Ramadan Kareem.” – Imran Ajmain

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service available in most parts of the world. You may get a free account for 10 hours listening or pay a small fee listen to it unlimited and ad-free. Get your Spotify account HERE now.