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Imran Ajmain is featured on the latest edition of Singapore’s Manja Magazine, in its Ramadhan Special. If you recall the two Keek videos where he previewed “Hargailah Dia”, that shoot was for this purpose. Imran wears a white thoub and talks about his fond memories of Ramadhan as a teenager in Singapore. The special edition cover features Maizurah Hamzah and Norseha Sani. Look out for a copy at your nearest bookstore (in Singapore, of course)!

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MediaCorp Suria just aired the 3rd episode of Terus Gemilang today which featured Imran Ajmain singing with Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim on “Doa Buat Kekasih”, her own hit originally with Ramli Sarip. Here is a Behind The Scenes look at the recording process of the TV show done earlier in March this year.

The video was shot by Zul Mystroe & Rauzan Rahman.

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Comedienne, Actress and Radio Announcer, Kenchana Devi was top 4 finalist in MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia Season 2 and in one of her last appearances, she sang an excerpt of “Seribu Tahun” by Imran Ajmain recorded during the show.

The visual above was caught off Imran’s Instagram.

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Pictures of Imran during the recording of Terus Gemilang is up on Facebook Page. You may see images of the hosts Nurul Aini, Marina Yusof and funnyman, Suhaimi Yusof and the guests of the show Fiza O, Imran Ajmain and legendary singer, Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim. You may click on the photo above to see the whole album or you may click HERE.

All images are from DuaM/MediaCorp Suria.

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Ep3 promo

Imran sings with Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim “Doa Untuk Kekasih” on the 3rd episode of Terus Gemilang, a fun variety program on Singapore’s MediaCorp Suria channel. It will air tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8.30pm and it can be viewed in Johor and islands of Riau, Indonesia.

Expect to see it on XinMSN, MediaCorp’s catch-up TV portal the next day.

See the clips on Imran’s Keeks.

Artiste: Imran Ajmain & Firwan Johan
Composition: Rauzan Rahman, Firwan Johan & Imran Ajmain
Lyrics: Imran Ajmain & Firwan Johan
Arrangement & Production: Rauzan Rahman
Label: FIPRO & BrandNewFeeling
Distribution: Life Records (Malaysia)


Biar tertulis
Aku terbilis
Ku takkan jadi mangsanya
Berkali-kali ku bilang
Jangan kau menghilang
Kini hanya tinggalah nama

Tak mungkin ku bertahan
Pegang pada daun dan dahan
Bersurutnya pantai
Tertinggal aku kekeringan

Ku tak bisa lagi
Tak bisa menyayangi kamu
Ku tak kisah lagi
Tak kisah apa yang berlaku
Tiada sisa lagi
Tak bisa menahani kamu
Tak tersiksa lagi
Tersiksa menanti cinta mu

Inginku lupa
Kan segalanya
Pergi lah kamu
Dari sisiku
Usah kau ragu
Usah kau rayu
Ku tak lagi
Memerlukan mu

Ohhh..ohh ohhhh… 2x


All Rights Reserved.

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The countdown is almost over. Imran Ajmain introduces Firwan Johan in a remix version of the latter’s single ‘Hanya Kenangan’. Look out for links that come on Twitter and YouTube tonight at midnight.  The original song sounds like this; play video above.

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Looks like the days go by really fast. In 2 days time, Imran Ajmain is about to release his first song since ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ last year in November. Although the song is originally a Firwan Johan joint, Imran’s remix is nonetheless awesome. (Yes, we heard it!). The track is produced by Singaporean Hiphop producer Rauzan Rahman who, according to our calendar, started tweeting about working with Imran in Kuala Lumpur, of which, somethings must have gone really awesome to trigger this remix.

Here’s what’s going to happen. There is a countdown happening on Instagram with the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix – repost and join the countdown. On Thursday, 20th June 2013, the MP3 will be up on SoundCloud and the Video will be up on YouTube. (Follow the links top right of this page). There is a special Imtiaz preview too earlier that day; if you’re a member of Imran Ajmain’s fanclub, you will be notified of this soon!

Expect some merchandise, and some awesome promo giveaways for Hanya Kenangan Remix, stay tuned! You will hear from us next on the day of the release itself!

p/s The next song and video after #HanyaKenanganRemix is READY. Guess?



Sneak Peek at the Lyrics:

“Biar tertulis, aku terbilis

Ku takkan jadi mangsanya

Berkali-kali ku bilang

Jangan kau menghilang

Kini hanya tinggallah nama”


Watch Firwan Johan’s Original Acoustic Version of Hanya Kenangan.

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A lot of fans have joined in the action to countdown to Imran’s version of Firwan Johan’s song that made it to Ria Charts briefly last month. The song was produced by Rauzan Rahman and co-written by both the singers. We received the lyrics from the man himself and we will be posting it up tomorrow!

Yesterday we caught a small glimpse of the video when Imran posted Day 10 artwork on animated gif social network, Cinemagram. You can download the app on iOS or Android or you can see it on the web HERE.

Watch Firwan Johan’s Acoustic Version of Hanya Kenangan. 

Come join the countdown and tag @ImranAjmain in your uploads too and don’t forget the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix.



According to Instagram’s measure of how long a certain post have been made, Imran last posted about a song titled “Hanya Kenangan Remix” in March 2013. Looks like the countdown is back! We found this posted today at 5pm on his account. If you click on the #HanyaKenanganRemix hashtag, you will see an army of people posting and re-posting the countdown images onto their own Instagram accounts. Who are these people??

Firwan Johan put up the original song produced by Rauzan Rahman under his BrandNewFeeling movement last year. Imran allegedly recorded his own verse to it and now there’s this remix we are counting down to. Today is Day 10!

Watch Firwan Johan’s Acoustic Version of Hanya Kenangan. 

Come join the countdown and tag @ImranAjmain in your uploads too and don’t forget the hashtag #HanyaKenanganRemix.

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Photos from the recent Singapore Campus Tour is up on Imran’s Facebook. You may click HERE to go straight to the photo album.

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We found a video of Imran singing ‘Thousand Years’ (that’s Seribu Tahun in English) during his visit to Kaizen Hall, ITE College West recently. This one is especially soothing. Enjoy!

Thanks to Blackfanify.