Imran sang with Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim on her song “Doa Untuk Kekasih” (Prayer For My Lover) made popular by her and Ramli Sarip on Najip Ali’s new run of ‘Gemilang’ now titled to ‘Terus Gemilang’. It is a music variety program that centers on the popular Malay music legends of yesteryear who specialize in traditional music, and amongst the artistes who appear include Halil Chik, Salamiah Hassan and M Daud Kilau. – Image taken off Imran’s Instagram account.

Imran’s episode with Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim is Episode 3 and is said to air in June 2013.

MediaCorp Suria is a free-to-air channel in Singapore and is available for viewing on television sets in Greater Johor and the  nearby Indonesian islands of Riau.

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