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Singaporean-born singer/songwriter returns from his base in Kuala Lumpur to teach? True or false? Sort of, true and false. Imran Ajmain appears at Tampines Junior College tomorrow on the 6th February 2013 in an event called #LinguaFranca to celebrate the Malay language in music in a one-off such event at the institution. 

Imran has always had a keen eye on the Malay language which led him to be Singapore’s Bulan Bahasa ambassador twice over, once in 2006 and also during the last campaign organised by the local language council. And this time, he is bringing his goods over to the junior college to share a little of how the language brought him this far and what he thinks we could do to help preserve it, in an environment where most young Malay folk choose to speak in English.

The title of the event has a Twitter hashtag to encourage the audience to interact with him via his social media networks, largely unheard of in our waters where it is usually considered impolite to do so. Imran insists its the only way to go as this would help the introverts and shy cats speak up. “When they’ve learnt to speak up, then we talk about correcting the use of the language”.

He will be singing in this part talk part musical performance event organised by Tampines Junior College itself, supported by Impact Entertainment Group and

Open to TPJC students and limited seats for outsiders. 3pm. Email at


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