‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a 10 minute documentary slated to be released online on the 10th January 2013. It is a behind-the-scenes look into the song and video ‘Dikalung Kasihan’ by Imran Ajmain.

The video features the making of the video and the song from the first day right til the release, directed and edited by Nasrullah Napi with an opening montage of Imran reciting a translated poem from the 18th century done by young architect undergrad, Muhammad Ridhwan bin Nordin. The poster was also done by him. Look out for your tweets to Imran within the video!

The video will be uploaded via YouTube and it will be embedded here.

‘Luka Itu Perlu’ is a line from the song ‘Dikalung Kasihan’. Get the MP3 HERE.

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