90an Gerek Recording: In January, Imran recorded an episode of ’90an Gerek’ produced by Najip Ali’s DuaM in Singapore. Imran sings with ballad legend, Aisyah, on her hit “Janji Manis Mu”. Look out for fancam! The episode will air in late March.

Muzik Arena: Imran also appears on another Suria production, with Mayuni Omar. It will also air in March. The show is hosted by Fiza O.

Save Our Rainforest Race: Imran becomes the Ambassador for PEKA, an organisation campaigning to take care of the forests of Pahang. Imran appears with Dato Khatijah Ibrahim, Ella, Zainal Abidin and more. For more information, visit PEKA’s official web HERE.

Luka Itu Perlu: Imran’s mini-documentary goes ONLINE, you can watch it HERE

RedBox Artiste of the Month: Imran’s Dikalung Kasihan is available at all RedBox outlets and the DVD is distributed as prizes.
To find out more, go HERE

Dikalung Kasihan on MTV: The video debuts on MTV Asia! Pssst, look what MTV presented Imran with.

What did you do in January?

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