When you come from Singapore, the words ‘Indian Ocean’ is not in one’s daily vocabulary often. The crew had decided to pop by Scarborough Beach, 20 minutes drive from the Perth city centre. There it was, the Indian Ocean, at sunset, no less. Some of us had burnt ourselves at Rockingham the other day, so shirts on this time. Plus a dip would have been rather chilly during the ‘sunny winter’ as they call it there. This doesn’t apply to surfers.

If you’re planning to stay here, there’s a host of cheap seaside hotels, but be very careful, as the area is quite suburban. Crime rate can be a little high here after dark. The beach is a long open stretch, might also want to keep the smaller ones close.

Australians are BIG on barbecues, they don’t need a reason to setup a grill and start cooking meat in their backyard, on the beach, at the back of their van, anywhere. Got meat, will BBQ! Halal meat, of course.  And when you’re here, you will never be short of the ever-so-frequently-mentioned, kebab.

Scarborough Beach is beautiful in the evening. Go see it for yourself.

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