I’m on a working holiday, so I have to do the sightseeing at the places where I’m having the meetings. Took the midnighter from Kuala Lumpur. The last long flight I had was to Los Angeles and from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, was peanuts compared to it! To think that the flight is only 5 hours; that’s just like Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Although I was on a budget flight, AirAsiaX is just like any regular carrier. It’s not bad at all actually. You just get reminded you’re on a budget flight when you have to pay cash for a bottle of water! Heh, well, no frills, right?

First stop, Fremantle. The locals call it Freo. They have an awesome Maritime Museum, but honey, I’m here for the seafood. Went to Kaili’s, and ate molluscs and shellfish like a whale scooping krill. The most magnificent thing on the menu is the muzzles in tomato gravy.

If you grew up in a (semi) culturally-conservative Malay family and your idea of Western food is nasi goreng with fried chicken, and some coleslaw on the side, then you’ll be OK with the fish & chips; you name the fish, they have it. But I went for the kill; poached prawns, garlic prawns, fried sardines, oysters. Hold the fries, and ermm, the vinegar. Not my thing. Dorang suka makan cuka kat sini, peninggalan datuk nenek dari empayar Inggeris kot. Orang sini boleh tuang botol cuka sampai habis atas ikan atau kentang. You can substitute it with lemons. The chilli sauce here is not your usual Asian fair ya. Bring your own kalau kemaruk nak pedas. Went crazy with the raw oysters, and had quite a conversation about it over on my fanpage on Facebook.

There are plenty of Malaysian/Singaporean Malay students here, and they told me the same thing; they thought it’s going to be boring, but after a while, some of them don’t want to leave even after they’ve graduated. Plus, the 5 hour travel, makes it easier for them to make plans for short holidays back home especially during festive periods unlike those who study in London or Europe. Ada duit apa pun boleh kan! Datang negeri orang, belajar lah rajin-rajin, jangan sibuk nak enjoy!

The weather is fabulous here, clear blue skies, and at night, it’s a sky full of stars. It’s a bit chilly, but tak payah berangan bawak winter wear if you’re going mid-year. Right now, it’s autumn. You can sleep without the air-conditioning on at night, but still enjoy a warm swim in the afternoon. I’m staying near Swan River! Sebelah sungai, sebelah pantai!

If you have children, Fremantle is good for you. The boats, the seagulls, and the fish and chips will keep them occupied quite a bit. Weekdays is fairly quiet here even during lunchtime, weekends are packed with tourists who look like each other. We’re driving here so it’s quite easy with the GPS. But if you have time, take the ferry from Swan River, get off at Fremantle and walk pass a lot of what we would call the five-foot ways selling trinkets and maritime-themed souvenirs. There’s a free bus too that goes to the city centre. Just get there by any means!

A girl thinks she recognizes me with my zero-sleep face, and then tries to convince her friends that I’m that ‘Seribu Tahun’ guy, and nobody bought it. I was standing right there! Then she tweets much later “Thought I saw Imran Ajmain at Subi today. Maybe I’m just missing Malaysia.” I replied to her in private, “Apa yang boleh dimakan kat Perth ni selain dari kebab?“. Retis sangat.

Loving Perth, I will blog ya’ll again soon. In the meantime, download my songs from the previous posts; the links work til my birthday this 25th April. Can’t wait. Also check out my tweets and check out the #roamholidays hashtag that I started on Instagram. Both usernames: imranajmain and Roam Holiday’s FB too.

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