This song is one of the earliest songs I recorded back in 2002 when Triple Noize, a rap trio from Singapore won a TV talent contest and quickly put out their debut album, called “From Where We Sit”. Their “Mak Minah” song did so well that they managed to break into Malaysian scene; something unheard of for Singaporean hiphop group at that time.

I sang on ‘Third Eye’, and wrote ‘Did U Ever Wonder?’ and ‘Fact or Fiction’. After this opportunity, I was brought on to perform with the trio for most of their performances for the entire year. That was when I was spotted by Ruffedge & VE and asked to open for them in KL for their promotional tour with my friends, Hady Mirza, Adeep & J-Boy. Big stuff for a small island boy! Thank you to Shahfii, Rama & Iswadi for this.

With permission from Shahfii, click here for the download. It will only last for a few days.

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