Tidak Seindah Bahasa by Imran Ajmain

I wrote a song called ‘Safety’ in the early 2000s. It was a time where I was really feeling traditional Javanese music. I was playing the flute and all, and had a collection. In tune with my first album’s heavy use of Malay idioms and similes, I translated (and extended) ‘Safety’ into ‘Tidak Seindah Bahasa’ (Not as Beautiful as the Language). To date, this is Alyph Sleeq’s most brilliant beat work on the FL Studio. He called himself ‘Magic Potions’ and I credited string arrangement as ‘Orkes Ajaib’ because his brains was working like an orchestra. At that time, he was barely 16. Naufal Gani recorded me, and Rauzan Rahman mixed the song. “Luka di tangan nampak berdarah, luka di hati siapa yang tahu”.

Download the song by clicking on the title in the player above.

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