This song was the first one I ever recorded for my first album “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” in 2006. Altimet never gave up helping me put things together in the earlier part of my career and that had included hooking me up with the one producer I’m still in touch with today (and yet we still haven’t met) that is Avex from Melbourne.

It was just natural to work with Ahli Fiqir at that time. They were fresh and hot on the Malaysian music scene and I’m trying to break in. Also, they were heavy on the Bahasa which was the path I took for the first album.

I was inspired by Missy Elliot’s “Gossip Folks” and wanted to do a ‘Pantun Nasihat’ for the modern Malay. You do know that gossip spans the generation right and nobody is spared from it? I, however, have been on the positive side on the fence; always going back to my music whenever asked about something unrelated. That’s the way it should be. Actors talk about film and singers talk about their songs.

I wrote Altimet’s ‘Sayang Sayang’ around the same time and Mawar Berduri was just a gem to work with during studio time. Guess who else is on that song? The boys from Siarra, an R&B vocal group mentored by Ferhad. We recorded it in a jiffy, everything had fallen into place. Was supposed to be the 1st single til I recorded “Sudah tu Sudah”.

The thing about gossip (and any adversity) is that when we don’t care about what people say, it’ll bother us too. It’s not about taking it in or throwing it away. We need to have a balance; listen and learn or listen and ignore. Biar kata orang, orang berkata has always worked for me and you should try it too.

Kata Orang
Written/Composed by Imran Ajmain / Norazhar “avex” M Yunus / Ahli Fiqir
Arranged by Norazhar “avex” M Yunus
Guitar, synthesizer, percussion and keyboard parts performed by avex
Rap performed by Mawar Berduri of Ahli Fiqir
Background Vocals performed by Siarra
Vocals arrangement by Imran Ajmain
Recorded by JD at 1205, Kuala Lumpur
Music recorded at Boxavex, Melbourne by Haris Ashraff and avex
Additional Pro Tools engineering by Haris Ashraff
Mixed by avex
Produced by Altimet with avex of TwoRookies

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