I performed the song for the first time at Layar Tanchap Shah Alam with Alvin from Infinatez in 2008 to a very warm crowd to whom I was a stranger and I did the hand gesture for ‘salam’ when I sang the words “hormat menghormati“. Rather skema if you ask me, but I won myself some friends there who still support me til today. Every time I watch the video, I cringe a bit. (The entire show has all the performers sit on the floor like the traditional Javanese wayang shows do, just so you know.)

I play a big brother to many people I’ve worked with ever since I started doing music, and especially the time I was an events organizer and artiste manager for my company Beats Society back in Singapore circa 2004 til 2007. I saw a lot of these girls and boys blossom into successful musicians, videographers, and artistes.

It all started on the 4th April 2004 when I did an event 04.04.04 at Bishan CC (which is tomorrow!) That was when I knew I had a knack for being a talent scout and became a brother figure to so many from then on. I am, however, the 2nd child of two offsprings. Here’s to all siblings! Please share the song or video onto your sibling’s Facebook wall, even if you are not related.

Abang (Live Acoustic)
Written/Composed/Arranged by Imran Ajmain
Guitars by Aki Westside
Bass by Eddy Bhumi
Percussion by Wan Afro
Broken toy piano and violin parts written and performed by avex
Recorded by MUON of Wallwork Records
Mixed by avex for TwoRookies
Produced by Imran Ajmain
Download it here: http://unlock.sc/7ks


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