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5. Contest closes at 6pm, 25th April 2012.

Open to Malaysians in Malaysia only.

Selamat Ulang Tahun… Sayang by Imran Ajmain

“It’s my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you!”

This is the last song on for the free downloads, tomorrow as I turn 31, I shall reveal what the 25th tune is.

I loved this song forever. I always imagined doing a bossanova version, and a video shot in Italy. I find it a little funny that no matter how rhythmic and dance-able a Malay song can be, it usually is the saddest of themes. This one’s about asking someone to ‘keep me in consideration’ because ‘you won’t understand how missing you all day long won’t last forever’. My version features UITM music undergrads under the supervision of vocal coach, Delly. It was an awesome session!

Menimbang Rasa by Imran Ajmain

Download this song by clicking on the title of the song in the player above.

When you come from Singapore, the words ‘Indian Ocean’ is not in one’s daily vocabulary often. The crew had decided to pop by Scarborough Beach, 20 minutes drive from the Perth city centre. There it was, the Indian Ocean, at sunset, no less. Some of us had burnt ourselves at Rockingham the other day, so shirts on this time. Plus a dip would have been rather chilly during the ‘sunny winter’ as they call it there. This doesn’t apply to surfers.

If you’re planning to stay here, there’s a host of cheap seaside hotels, but be very careful, as the area is quite suburban. Crime rate can be a little high here after dark. The beach is a long open stretch, might also want to keep the smaller ones close.

Australians are BIG on barbecues, they don’t need a reason to setup a grill and start cooking meat in their backyard, on the beach, at the back of their van, anywhere. Got meat, will BBQ! Halal meat, of course.  And when you’re here, you will never be short of the ever-so-frequently-mentioned, kebab.

Scarborough Beach is beautiful in the evening. Go see it for yourself.

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My father wrote this song before I was born. Naturally, I grew up listening to Othman Hamzah. I just had to do this one. It’s my most favourite of all time. After this song got some airplay on Singapore radio, I got a chance to duet this song with him. I was so star-struck. Did you know the word ‘beta’ was banned from use in pop culture for its royal affiliations? However, it simply means “me” in the Bugis language. The ban has since been lifted. 25 years later, I re-recorded the song with the help of my friend, Avex, in Melbourne.

Apa Salah Beta by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking on the title of the song on the player above.

When I found out about the P.Ramlee project, I wanted badly to be a part of it. Altimet had gotten me onboard to sing the chorus on his joint for the compilation. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the gala concert. P.Ramlee’s music has always had a big influence on my music and my singing. I hope to be able to do justice for future covers. I recommended Haziq for the show to replace me as I am a big fan!!!! Get the ‘P.Ramlee: Satu Indiepretasi’ album at your nearest 7-11 stores in Malaysia.

Altimet & Imran Ajmain – Maafkan Kami by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking the title on the player above.

Tidak Seindah Bahasa by Imran Ajmain

I wrote a song called ‘Safety’ in the early 2000s. It was a time where I was really feeling traditional Javanese music. I was playing the flute and all, and had a collection. In tune with my first album’s heavy use of Malay idioms and similes, I translated (and extended) ‘Safety’ into ‘Tidak Seindah Bahasa’ (Not as Beautiful as the Language). To date, this is Alyph Sleeq’s most brilliant beat work on the FL Studio. He called himself ‘Magic Potions’ and I credited string arrangement as ‘Orkes Ajaib’ because his brains was working like an orchestra. At that time, he was barely 16. Naufal Gani recorded me, and Rauzan Rahman mixed the song. “Luka di tangan nampak berdarah, luka di hati siapa yang tahu”.

Download the song by clicking on the title in the player above.

The chorus of this song is based on the chords of P.Ramlee’s ‘Senjakala’ (used with permission). Rafikoncept had sampled the Bolshoi Orchestra’s version of it, and we had written the melody over it. I put up the na-na-na asking my fans on Facebook to help me write the entire song (what the hell was I wearing?), and we received over 300 entries in a week. Tough one to choose from but a winner emerged in the name of Faizal Maslan. I think I’m gonna do this again for my next album!

Tak Mungkin by Imran Ajmain

Download it by clicking the link above.

Felt a bit like going to Tekong Island. Considering the ferry ride is only 5 minutes and you’re going somewhere where the grass is greener. Hah, kidding. Penguin Island is off the coast of Rockingham, 45 minutes south of Perth, Western Australia. It’s chilly but like I said before, surf’s up with the bikinis and sunblocks, everybody’s having a whale of a time here, like as if it was back in Asia.

I’ve shown you how pretty most of Perth is. Now you must check out Penguin Island. It is unbelievable how clearer the sky can get. I’ve particularly obsessed with the botany bits; the trees and the leaves are so unfamiliar. I shot them all like a scientist. If you live a crazy hectic life, this one’s better than a massage.

The island is not made up of penguins; it’s made up of seagulls actually. They put some cute little penguins in a sanctuary instead. You can pet some penguins, watch a sea lion and a dolphin show. Brilliant time for the kids, and also for yourselves. If you’re without kids in your group, you can go check out the limestone cliffs and caves at the sea-side.

I told you it’s beautiful. That’s my iPhone, with no filter/apps by the way.

Penguin Island Ferry
A 5 minute ferry ride is all it takes to meet the world’s smallest penguins! Visit the Discovery Centre to see the penguin feeding (daily at 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm) or spend your day exploring spectacular bays & beaches perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Go fishing, surfing, enjoy a picnic or just soak up the relaxed island atmosphere of this A class nature reserve.

  • Unlimited return ferry transfers for the day
  • Optional entry to penguin feeding at the Discovery Centre (10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm)

  • Hourly: 9.00am and 3.00pm
  • Extra ferries may be scheduled on busy days
  • Operates Daily (Closed Dec 25th for Christmas)
  • Season: September 15, 2011- June 4, 2012

  • Ferries depart Penguin Island at 10.10am, 11.10am, 12.10pm, 1.10pm, 2.10pm, 3.10pm and 4pm sharp.
  • Extra return ferries are scheduled as required on busy days

  • Purchase from our shop on the day
  • See table below for current prices
  • Groups of 10 or more can book ahead

Penguin & Sea Lion Cruise (Glass Bottom Boat Cruise)
Enjoy a 45 minute glass bottom boat cruise through the wildlife sanctuary zone of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Get up close to the rugged natural beauty of these spectacular islands and learn about the local wildlife from our friendly skippers. The highlight is visiting Seal Island to watch rare Sea Lions at play before concluding on Penguin Island to see the penguin feeding at the Discovery Centre.

  • Unlimited return ferry transfers for the day
  • 45 minute glass bottom boat cruise
  • Entry to penguin feeding at the Discovery Centre  (10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm)

  • 10.15am, 11.15am & 1.15pm from Penguin Island.
  • Please allow enough time to purchase tickets and catch your ferry transfer prior to your departure. (Weekends and public holidays allow 30 minutes)
  • Operates Daily (Closed Dec 25th for Christmas)
  • Season: September 15, 2011- June 4, 2012

  • Ferries depart Penguin Island at 10.10am, 11.10am, 12.10pm, 1.10pm, 2.10pm, 3.10pm and 4pm sharp.
  • Extra return ferries are scheduled as required on busy days

  • Purchase from our base on the day.
  • See table below for current prices
  • Groups of 10 or more can book ahead

If you’re going to be here all day, pack lunch ahead, there’s nothing but ham sandwiches at the nearby cafe. Drink a lot of water, as you will ALREADY be dry from the change in the weather. Read my previous post on Perth. When I get back to Perth, I’m coming back here! Rockingham rocks.

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When I saw this boy sang on TV9’s Idola Kecil, I imagined what it would have been like if I had been discovered as a singer earlier in life. I started singing at 17, yes, but my first album came out when I was 26. That’s a little late in pop years. One fonecall and he’s in the studio with me. In this song called ‘Perjalanan’, I sang with my signature Melayu lenggok three-four waltz ditty, but paired with extreme auto-tuning ala T-Pain. My character sings in past tense and Afiq sings in future tense as my young self. We meet in a mirror. The song is written by Azalea, whom I’ve been a big fan of ever since I heard her in Anuar Zain’s hits.

The video above, ironically, is of the boy singing my father’s composition, ‘Terharu’.

Perjalanan by Imran Ajmain

Download the song by clicking the link above.

Happy Birthday Mak! That’s me & my mother in 1982! She turns 61 today.

I have a been a big fan of remixes. Always believed it was an extension of the song’s promotions. Got excited to hear Texas, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Diddy, Usher put out remixes when I was listening to them before I made my own music. Now I put out my own! Hee. Enjoy this one.

06 Jika Engkau Pergi – Imran Ajmain (Rafikoncept Remix) by Imran Ajmain

Download it by clicking the song title in this Soundcloud player.

I had never intended to release this song but it got out online, and went on to become No.1 in Brunei. So awesome. It’s the only English song I’ve recorded in both my two albums. Can’t wait to do more. I sang the melody to Zul Mystroe at a bus-stop in 2006 and finished it on the way home! We did a lower-key version with Alyph Sleeq, then I brought it up a few notches (and shorter edit) with Amir Rain Masoh. I love both still.

Compromise by Imran Ajmain

Download it here

Malu – Imran Ajmain & Cheryl Samad by Imran Ajmain

Click the title of the song to download.

I’ve only been to Sydney and that was 9 years ago. I can’t remember much of the weather and how it felt as I was there one moment and I left the next. But this, right here, in Perth, you can smell the sea in the breeze. The way the sun shines on the trees and make its green leaves turn gold in the light and the sand that whirls into a mini-cyclone right before your eyes and disappears before you can react is something you can’t easily forget. Even the seagulls want to make an impression.

We didn’t go to the city centre as all of our businesses were either at the universities, the suburbs or well, the beach(es). We had moved to a nice home-stay at Tuart Hill amongst Malay families who have moved there. Just a stone’s throw away was an Iranian joint offering sheesha and kebabs til late. I couldn’t stand the kebabs any longer. Take me back to Freo for the mussles or give me rice. Halal food is widely available, don’t get me wrong. But most retailers, shops and cafes retire by sundown, so dinner is early; something most of us were unprepared for especially since we had to do some offline editing throughout the night. So if you’re here, and don’t intend to sit down for dinner at 6ish, 7ish, then better buy take-away. Kebab pun kebab lah!

There is this wonderful squarish town called Subiaco. The locals call it Subi. Vintage book stores, coffee houses, pre-loved clothing galore. We missed the market which I imagine to be a flea-market circus kind of affair. It opens only Fridays through the weekend. Didn’t have time to go back there though. Would have been grand.

Although it is chilly, and can be rather cold this time of year, if you can go without wearing warm(er) clothes, you probably will still suffer the case of the chapped lips. The quality of water, the quality of the air, the temperature, the humidity and the kind of plants they have is all different. This adds up to the regular Asian tourist like me having dry lips, peeling cheeks, and superdry hands and arms. After a few days of adjustment you will be fine lah, stop complaining. But do watch out for your young ones as this change will be very unfamiliar to them.

A very touristy thing to do would be to visit the museums, chocolate factory, honey factory, botanical gardens, and yes, watch a movie. Got to catch The Hunger Games with the crew, and it was nice how everybody, strangers mind you, reminded each other to shut up.  Wait, did someone say Chocolate Factory? There’s one on Fremantle and also the famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory. They even shaped the entrance to look like a chocolate bar! (Sorry, no pictures!) That, you must go.

This trip have been amazing so far. Can’t wait to show you the beaches. Went to a few, and yes, Penguin Island off Rockingham. Penguins! Til next time. Check them out on my Instagram for now. Username: imranajmain

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One time a friend hurt me so bad, and I had no guts to say it out so I wrote it in a song. Guess who?

Written by Imran Ajmain
Composed by Imran Ajmain / Alif Abdullah
Arranged by Rafikoncept
Guitars by Ujang
Produced by Imran Ajmain

Taken off “Punca Dan Tindakan” (2009)
Alibi Music (Malaysia) / Gumbira (Singapore)
Published by Purplenotez Publishing (MACP) / Bedsty Bedrock Publishing (COMPASS)

Download it here.


Taurus (Penawar Rindu) ft Altimet & Dayang Nurfaizah by Imran Ajmain

When I heard Dayang recorded her Kasih album, it featured ‘Penawar Rindu’, a favourite classic of mine. I’ve always wanted to remix that song, all my life, for as long as I’ve known it. Here comes Avex and his magic toolbox. It was the best thing ever; we did it in matter of hours, not even days. I got to perform it with Dia Fadilla for a Raya show on Singapore TV (What the heck was I wearing?). You may download it here.

The Northbound boys appeard on Hafeez Glamor’s GoGlam and sang this song of mine on-air. They also previewed “November Itu” a song I produced, can’t wait to let ya’ll hear it. In the meantime, check this one out.

Radio – Imran Ajmain featuring Diana Danielle & Nabil by Imran Ajmain

I got to perform twice with Diana, and twice with Nabil, but never as a trio. This was the most fun record I’ve made up to date. It features the Mambo No.5/Pon De Replay vibe that I originally went for, the Headwind song from the 80’s and features two non-singers actually SINGING; three in one! In case you didn’t know this already, the back-up vocals in the song feature my talented friends from the group Infinatez from GangStarz a few years back. You may download the track here.

Yang Ku Perlu – Imran Ajmain (Boonyi Remix) by Imran Ajmain

The video I pasted above was Boonyi’s first single “Banyak Boonyi” that features Daly and Ikhwan. We got in touch right after that and I asked them to remix my song “Yang Ku Perlu” for a fashion show. This is what they came up with; you may download it here.

I’m on a working holiday, so I have to do the sightseeing at the places where I’m having the meetings. Took the midnighter from Kuala Lumpur. The last long flight I had was to Los Angeles and from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, was peanuts compared to it! To think that the flight is only 5 hours; that’s just like Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Although I was on a budget flight, AirAsiaX is just like any regular carrier. It’s not bad at all actually. You just get reminded you’re on a budget flight when you have to pay cash for a bottle of water! Heh, well, no frills, right?

First stop, Fremantle. The locals call it Freo. They have an awesome Maritime Museum, but honey, I’m here for the seafood. Went to Kaili’s, and ate molluscs and shellfish like a whale scooping krill. The most magnificent thing on the menu is the muzzles in tomato gravy.

If you grew up in a (semi) culturally-conservative Malay family and your idea of Western food is nasi goreng with fried chicken, and some coleslaw on the side, then you’ll be OK with the fish & chips; you name the fish, they have it. But I went for the kill; poached prawns, garlic prawns, fried sardines, oysters. Hold the fries, and ermm, the vinegar. Not my thing. Dorang suka makan cuka kat sini, peninggalan datuk nenek dari empayar Inggeris kot. Orang sini boleh tuang botol cuka sampai habis atas ikan atau kentang. You can substitute it with lemons. The chilli sauce here is not your usual Asian fair ya. Bring your own kalau kemaruk nak pedas. Went crazy with the raw oysters, and had quite a conversation about it over on my fanpage on Facebook.

There are plenty of Malaysian/Singaporean Malay students here, and they told me the same thing; they thought it’s going to be boring, but after a while, some of them don’t want to leave even after they’ve graduated. Plus, the 5 hour travel, makes it easier for them to make plans for short holidays back home especially during festive periods unlike those who study in London or Europe. Ada duit apa pun boleh kan! Datang negeri orang, belajar lah rajin-rajin, jangan sibuk nak enjoy!

The weather is fabulous here, clear blue skies, and at night, it’s a sky full of stars. It’s a bit chilly, but tak payah berangan bawak winter wear if you’re going mid-year. Right now, it’s autumn. You can sleep without the air-conditioning on at night, but still enjoy a warm swim in the afternoon. I’m staying near Swan River! Sebelah sungai, sebelah pantai!

If you have children, Fremantle is good for you. The boats, the seagulls, and the fish and chips will keep them occupied quite a bit. Weekdays is fairly quiet here even during lunchtime, weekends are packed with tourists who look like each other. We’re driving here so it’s quite easy with the GPS. But if you have time, take the ferry from Swan River, get off at Fremantle and walk pass a lot of what we would call the five-foot ways selling trinkets and maritime-themed souvenirs. There’s a free bus too that goes to the city centre. Just get there by any means!

A girl thinks she recognizes me with my zero-sleep face, and then tries to convince her friends that I’m that ‘Seribu Tahun’ guy, and nobody bought it. I was standing right there! Then she tweets much later “Thought I saw Imran Ajmain at Subi today. Maybe I’m just missing Malaysia.” I replied to her in private, “Apa yang boleh dimakan kat Perth ni selain dari kebab?“. Retis sangat.

Loving Perth, I will blog ya’ll again soon. In the meantime, download my songs from the previous posts; the links work til my birthday this 25th April. Can’t wait. Also check out my tweets and check out the #roamholidays hashtag that I started on Instagram. Both usernames: imranajmain and Roam Holiday’s FB too.

Leave your comments ya.

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I never meant to release this song. It was really tough for me to sing it. It was a B-side when I put out the first single ever “Sudah tu Sudah” but radio picked it up, and it became a staple for the midnight horror-story show, for its ‘haunting’ sounds. Eventually it was picked up by a group of students to do a video of my song based on the real murder of a young Malay boy back in 1980s in Singapore. We did the video in conjunction with their short film they were already working on. I looked so young, and lost. At this time, it wasn’t the song that made any sort of waves. It was my hair colour.

The first time ever I decided to do something crazy, (also under the influence of some folks), I went blonde. Of course it wasn’t the brightest thing someone new like me should have done, and I did regret it. I was drilled on a daily basis, even by people on the streets. The streaky surfer look didn’t go down well with so many people who thought my goody two-shoes image should remain… goody two-shoes. Wow, they were not kidding. As Malays and as Muslims, artistes like me had to be some torch-bearer, they say. Hey, I just wanted to sing. I let the YouTube comments burn, sizzle and fizzle out. I’ve never coloured my hair again since then! Nobody cared. Goes to show when we’re new (or when we become artistes), anything can happen, just let it be. Just be good! After a while, I learnt my responsibilities and that all (or most) of my decisions as a role model must be a calculated one, my Mak always reminds as well.  Plus I turn 31 in a few days, I know where I stand. You can trust me. You can download the MP3 here.

I’ve just announced on Twitter that I’m the new Travel Ambassador for Roam Holidays (follow @letsroam on Twitter)! I’m off to my first trip! Thank you to all who made it possible! You’ll be hearing a lot from me! Check out their website at

Teh Tarik Crew – Attraction (Featuring Imran) by Imran Ajmain

Written by Altimet and MizzNina
Composed and arranged by Altimet
produced by Altimet and MizzNina
Additional composition by DJ Ken & Fiquetional
Download here:

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang – Imran Ajmain (Rafikoncept Remix) by Imran Ajmain

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang
Written by: Imran Ajmain / Ahmed Fedtri Yahya
Composed by: Imran Ajmain
Strings by Eddie Marzuki
Remixed by: Rafikoncept
Download here:

Anakku Sayang is on Suria Channel, Singapore, every Saturday at 8:30pm and it stars Fauziah Nawi, Hasnol Rahmat, Masturah Ahmad, Siti Hajar Gani, Izzat M Yusof, Rosita Hussein, and Andry Sani. Anakku Sayang is directed by Sanif Olek.

Composed the melody over a riff of Dato Ahmad Jais’ “Budi Setahun Segunung Intan” like true Hiphop style and had Shah Shamshiri wrote the lyrics. Tells the story about dating a girl too young for me! Wait til the last few seconds! This video was done by Khaidie, using performance clips during the promotion period. The 50’s styled melody was intentional for it was in line with the 2nd album’s concept.

It was also the theme song for an Astro telemovie called “Siti Tivi” where I appeared for a few minutes thanks to M Nazri & Nizam Zakaria.

You want to hear the actual song?

Wrote this song with then 15 year old Alyph from Sleeq. He gave me a beat and I sang right over it. It became my first single ever. Ran like a crazy monkey when it got played on radio!

Sudah tu Sudah

Dulu kau pernah bercinta
Dan menyerah segalanya
Pada seseorang jejaka

Terlintas di kalbu
Nama sebenarnya
Ada udang di sebalik batu

Terlepaslah peluang pertama
Untuk kasih mesra
Apa yang engkau tertunggu-tunggu
Mengapa terburu-buru

Yang sudah tu sudah
Nangis tidak berlagu lagi

Yang sudah tu sudah
Bunga tiada bermadu lagi

Kini kau sudah dewasa
Jangan terlalu lama memikirkan
Apa yang sudah terjadi
Dalam dunia cinta
Yang patah pasti tumbuh
Yang hilang pasti berganti

Terlepaslah peluang pertama
Untuk kasih mesra
Apa yang kau tertunggu-tunggu
Mengapa terburu-buru

Yang sudah tu sudah
Nangis tidak berlagu lagi

Yang sudah tu sudah
Bunga tiada bermadu lagi

Harap ini jadi satu
Pelajaran bagimu
Berhati-hati bila kau

Yang sudah tu sudah
Nangis tidak berlagu lagi

Yang sudah tu sudah
Bunga tiada bermadu lagi

Written/Composed by Imran Ajmain / Alif Abdullah
Arranged by Amir “Rain” Masoh
Recorded and Mixed by Amir “Rain” Masoh
Additional Vocals performed by Roze
Produced by Imran Ajmain
Download it here.

This song is one of the earliest songs I recorded back in 2002 when Triple Noize, a rap trio from Singapore won a TV talent contest and quickly put out their debut album, called “From Where We Sit”. Their “Mak Minah” song did so well that they managed to break into Malaysian scene; something unheard of for Singaporean hiphop group at that time.

I sang on ‘Third Eye’, and wrote ‘Did U Ever Wonder?’ and ‘Fact or Fiction’. After this opportunity, I was brought on to perform with the trio for most of their performances for the entire year. That was when I was spotted by Ruffedge & VE and asked to open for them in KL for their promotional tour with my friends, Hady Mirza, Adeep & J-Boy. Big stuff for a small island boy! Thank you to Shahfii, Rama & Iswadi for this.

With permission from Shahfii, click here for the download. It will only last for a few days.

This song was the first one I ever recorded for my first album “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” in 2006. Altimet never gave up helping me put things together in the earlier part of my career and that had included hooking me up with the one producer I’m still in touch with today (and yet we still haven’t met) that is Avex from Melbourne.

It was just natural to work with Ahli Fiqir at that time. They were fresh and hot on the Malaysian music scene and I’m trying to break in. Also, they were heavy on the Bahasa which was the path I took for the first album.

I was inspired by Missy Elliot’s “Gossip Folks” and wanted to do a ‘Pantun Nasihat’ for the modern Malay. You do know that gossip spans the generation right and nobody is spared from it? I, however, have been on the positive side on the fence; always going back to my music whenever asked about something unrelated. That’s the way it should be. Actors talk about film and singers talk about their songs.

I wrote Altimet’s ‘Sayang Sayang’ around the same time and Mawar Berduri was just a gem to work with during studio time. Guess who else is on that song? The boys from Siarra, an R&B vocal group mentored by Ferhad. We recorded it in a jiffy, everything had fallen into place. Was supposed to be the 1st single til I recorded “Sudah tu Sudah”.

The thing about gossip (and any adversity) is that when we don’t care about what people say, it’ll bother us too. It’s not about taking it in or throwing it away. We need to have a balance; listen and learn or listen and ignore. Biar kata orang, orang berkata has always worked for me and you should try it too.

Kata Orang
Written/Composed by Imran Ajmain / Norazhar “avex” M Yunus / Ahli Fiqir
Arranged by Norazhar “avex” M Yunus
Guitar, synthesizer, percussion and keyboard parts performed by avex
Rap performed by Mawar Berduri of Ahli Fiqir
Background Vocals performed by Siarra
Vocals arrangement by Imran Ajmain
Recorded by JD at 1205, Kuala Lumpur
Music recorded at Boxavex, Melbourne by Haris Ashraff and avex
Additional Pro Tools engineering by Haris Ashraff
Mixed by avex
Produced by Altimet with avex of TwoRookies

Look for the link to download above.

I performed the song for the first time at Layar Tanchap Shah Alam with Alvin from Infinatez in 2008 to a very warm crowd to whom I was a stranger and I did the hand gesture for ‘salam’ when I sang the words “hormat menghormati“. Rather skema if you ask me, but I won myself some friends there who still support me til today. Every time I watch the video, I cringe a bit. (The entire show has all the performers sit on the floor like the traditional Javanese wayang shows do, just so you know.)

I play a big brother to many people I’ve worked with ever since I started doing music, and especially the time I was an events organizer and artiste manager for my company Beats Society back in Singapore circa 2004 til 2007. I saw a lot of these girls and boys blossom into successful musicians, videographers, and artistes.

It all started on the 4th April 2004 when I did an event 04.04.04 at Bishan CC (which is tomorrow!) That was when I knew I had a knack for being a talent scout and became a brother figure to so many from then on. I am, however, the 2nd child of two offsprings. Here’s to all siblings! Please share the song or video onto your sibling’s Facebook wall, even if you are not related.

Abang (Live Acoustic)
Written/Composed/Arranged by Imran Ajmain
Guitars by Aki Westside
Bass by Eddy Bhumi
Percussion by Wan Afro
Broken toy piano and violin parts written and performed by avex
Recorded by MUON of Wallwork Records
Mixed by avex for TwoRookies
Produced by Imran Ajmain
Download it here:


Check out a sombre acoustic version of David Guetta’s Titanium by the boys from Northbound. Got a song you’d like to hear them cover? Leave a comment here.

We were recording a song called “Mengaku Kalah” for my 2nd album and we had gone through so many changes that it had drained us out, especially since the mood of the song was so mellow and depressing. The guitarist, Ujang, was so awesome in our few takes that I begged him to learn my song “Jika Engkau Pergi” that I wrote with Sulu and make an acoustic cut. We recorded that at Rafikoncept and it conveniently was added to the soundtrack of ‘Yusuff’ for TV3 as I was commissioned by AMC to do it at that time.

I loved BoyzIIMen’s “Doin’ Just Fine”. I think it’s their best song til today. How does one deny being heartbroken, refusing to crawl under the sheets when they have probably lost everything they’ve been building? Can you do that? “I’m doing just fine, I’m getting along very well without you in my life”. Can you purposefully change your life and lifestyle just so that you no longer have to face the person who hurt you?

As I wrote the 2nd album is the fashion of old-school Malay music, I wanted “Jika Engkau Pergi” to embody the 50’s lenggok, 60’s song structure, and 80’s and 90’s styled lyrics of heartache and loss similar to a great collection of Habsah Hassan’s work during that time. On top of that, it has to be a theme that spans all eras; “Go ahead, leave me, I’ll be fine”.

I wrote it also a reversed response to Jamal Abdillah’s “Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir” where he worshipped his lover as being God-sent. I, on the other hand, had to argue with that unconditional love when the ‘sunshine of my life’ decided to burst my ego and leave me with nothing, but a song.

I hope your grandmother loves it, let her hear it, and tell me what she thinks about it. I imagined this was in the 1950’s like in the black and white Malay movies where heartache is quite the unbearable thing. Can’t sing like BoyzIIMen or Jamal Abdillah but I’m sure, to sing about being heartbroken and pretending to be OK about it, like most of you out there, I’m an expert. “Time make me stronger, you’re no longer on my mind”

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I’m going to release 1 song everyday until the 25th April when I turn 31. I will introduce my new song to you by then. Today I will start with “Hanya Menari” from my first album “Dengan Secara Kebetulan” 2006-2007.

I was obsessed with French films at one time and I was introduced to the genius of Audrey Tatou via a movie called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” (À la folie… pas du tout) at the time I was working on what eventually became my first album.

Coincidentally, Eminem’s “Stan” covered the exact same theme as the French film; erotomania. It is a mental disease or delusional situation where one believes the person they like or love is in love with them. I wrote three different verses just so I’d sing it like a story, just like in the movie and song. Basically I play the loveless protagonist whose fantasy girl is already attached. Halfway through a friendship (whether it exists or not), I become jealous of the girl’s original lover and suggest a getaway. If we were ever caught, just tell him that we were only dancing; that was my reference to a slew of dance movies in the late 90s and early 00s like ‘Strictly Ballroom’, ‘Shall We Dance’ and my personal favourite, ‘Dance With Me’, where the male lead is always the awkward, quiet guy who uses dance to escape from their mundane real lives. Also, just like in both the movie and the song, the object of desire gets to address the issue to the dreamer. Things get awkward there.

What I believed Miss Tatou’s awesome movie and the Real Slim Shady’s equally exciting song and music video didn’t manage to cover was to make it pretty and subtle, I took over to address the same matter to a Malay audience oh so familiar with unrequited love. Plus like me, Malays tend to be quite the dreamer. Some of us take it a bit too far, and yet we still deny it. You may download the song here only if you have Twitter: (lasts til 3rd April only)

p/s The song was used in a pivotal moment in “Alam’s Story” a drama re-telling of the first ‘So You Think You Can Dance (Malaysia)” champion. Although the song was never released as a single, it got some airplay and I also got to sing it at Indonesian R&B singer, Marcell Siahaan’s wedding to my friend, Rima Melati Adams.