About OctTwtFest
What is a twtup (pronounced as tweet-up)? Twtup is a meet-up/gathering for people who are connected through Twitter. The idea of a twtup is to meet new people and meet new friends all over Malaysia. OctTwtFest is a continuation of Oct23rdTwtup that was held on 23rd Oct 2010. Because of the overwhelming response from the tweeps (residents of Twitter), we have decided to make this as an annual event for social media goers.

Last Year : Oct23rdTwtup
On 23rd Oct 2010, over 600+ people, including many local celebs turned up and made it the biggest twtup in Malaysia. On the day itself, the twtup managed to unlock the Foursquare Super Swarm Badge (250 people checking in at a venue at one time). We organized a number of activities, such as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) competition, board and card games, and also group games for the tweeps to participate.

Besides games, we also did a cake-cutting session, celebrating October babies that were present. Fifteen committee members volunteered to help make the event a success and it took them two weeks to plan for it. We used Twitvite.com as our platform to manage our invitation list. The event was totally free of charge for the guests. The objective of the event was to inculcate harmony among all present, putting aside race, status and political inclinations, and not to forget; putting faces to names (or tweethandles).

p/s: I will be performing with Joe Flizzow, Altimet, Ila Damia, Sona One, Faliq Fahmie, Xema Suhaimi, Tengku Adil, Luna Rahman, Amir Azizi, Azreel Azhar, Soulzoul & The Gang, Syakir Iman, Diandra Arjunaidi, Fafaraa, Amir Jahari, One Nation Emcees, Daiyan Trisha, Sarimah Ibrahim, Rina Omar, Sharifah Sofia, Karl Shafek, Fauziah Gous, Fazley Yaakob, Hujan & more. Admission is FREE.

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