Last night, I had the privilege of being the guest judge for the first episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega; a tri-country version of popular comedy competition where contestants are made up of popular actors (and singers). The panel of permanent judges are made up of Dato Chef Wan (a chef!), Dato Siti Nurhaliza (a singer!) and Zainal Abidin Hassan (soccer legend!). I suppose it was not obvious enough for audiences at home to figure out that the judges’ opinions are simply an extension/representation of a regular consumer. All the comments basically revolve around whether it was funny or not; something you at home believe you can do and happily do it all the time.

However, to a certain misfortune, Twitterjaya wasn’t pleased that the panel of judges (including the guest judge) are made up of non-comedians. Hey, Jalil Hamid and Imuda, who are probably the funniest old-timers on TV, are taking part in the competition! Who else is left! Well, you had your un-mentions and I replied on TV. Don’t think you can beat that. Jangan lebih kuah dari sudu ya. Bab-bab nak comment orang lain bukan main lagi, sendiri kalau terkena terkencing-kencing nanti. Haha! Anyway, the show was awesome! 17 contestants, 3 minutes each, throwing insults at each other and other contestants (based on true-life incidents), and I got to sit amongst the greats.

It goes to show, and a gentle daily reminder it is, that we cannot please everyone and you know what, that’s absolutely fine! Thanks to the Astro crew especially Kamal, Ellis, Orkid and all I met last night.

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Two comments on “Buat Lawak”

  • Melati Misti says:

    Giving constructive criticism while not putting anybody down is difficult, and I think you nailed it. The show, unfortunately, was disappointing. If the comedians were amateurs, we shd commend them for their effort and courage to go onstage; but these are professionals- most of whom gave amateurish performances. That’s such a letdown.

  • nizam ijam says:

    pelik2 jer tukang komen…tp ok gak 😀

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