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Last night, I had the privilege of being the guest judge for the first episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega; a tri-country version of popular comedy competition where contestants are made up of popular actors (and singers). The panel of permanent judges are made up of Dato Chef Wan (a chef!), Dato Siti Nurhaliza (a singer!) and Zainal Abidin Hassan (soccer legend!). I suppose it was not obvious enough for audiences at home to figure out that the judges’ opinions are simply an extension/representation of a regular consumer. All the comments basically revolve around whether it was funny or not; something you at home believe you can do and happily do it all the time.

However, to a certain misfortune, Twitterjaya wasn’t pleased that the panel of judges (including the guest judge) are made up of non-comedians. Hey, Jalil Hamid and Imuda, who are probably the funniest old-timers on TV, are taking part in the competition! Who else is left! Well, you had your un-mentions and I replied on TV. Don’t think you can beat that. Jangan lebih kuah dari sudu ya. Bab-bab nak comment orang lain bukan main lagi, sendiri kalau terkena terkencing-kencing nanti. Haha! Anyway, the show was awesome! 17 contestants, 3 minutes each, throwing insults at each other and other contestants (based on true-life incidents), and I got to sit amongst the greats.

It goes to show, and a gentle daily reminder it is, that we cannot please everyone and you know what, that’s absolutely fine! Thanks to the Astro crew especially Kamal, Ellis, Orkid and all I met last night.


Travelled from Kedah, northern-end of Malaysia, even visited Thailand while I was there to Penang to simply have a curry feast before going back to Kuala Lumpur.

Will never get over how beautiful the clouds are at this one particular spot right in between Sintok and Penang. One day I’ll stop by the road and walk onto the paddy field.

Love what you do and wherever you go will be scenic!



Performed for a Guiness Book of Records tweet festival yesterday. Sang my new song, still not saying its title. Adil from my 100 Hari tour was there too. Fazley sang his new song “Lima”. Awesome!

Well done to Karrotgold, the team and DIGI!


This was during Alibi’s showcase early 2010. Wisma Bentley is an awesome concert venue! Can’t wait to have a showcase again. Spot those you know in the picture!


I’m currently working on my third album and it’s taken so long because I’ve spent a year mostly on the road and I’ve had awesome 2011 to date. Can’t wait to let you listen to a new sound. I’ve officially left the whole old-school sound and opted to go for a more contemporary pop sound. I’m sure there’ll be one or to of the Jiwang songs that I’m so used to. Promise.



About OctTwtFest
What is a twtup (pronounced as tweet-up)? Twtup is a meet-up/gathering for people who are connected through Twitter. The idea of a twtup is to meet new people and meet new friends all over Malaysia. OctTwtFest is a continuation of Oct23rdTwtup that was held on 23rd Oct 2010. Because of the overwhelming response from the tweeps (residents of Twitter), we have decided to make this as an annual event for social media goers.

Last Year : Oct23rdTwtup
On 23rd Oct 2010, over 600+ people, including many local celebs turned up and made it the biggest twtup in Malaysia. On the day itself, the twtup managed to unlock the Foursquare Super Swarm Badge (250 people checking in at a venue at one time). We organized a number of activities, such as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) competition, board and card games, and also group games for the tweeps to participate.

Besides games, we also did a cake-cutting session, celebrating October babies that were present. Fifteen committee members volunteered to help make the event a success and it took them two weeks to plan for it. We used as our platform to manage our invitation list. The event was totally free of charge for the guests. The objective of the event was to inculcate harmony among all present, putting aside race, status and political inclinations, and not to forget; putting faces to names (or tweethandles).

p/s: I will be performing with Joe Flizzow, Altimet, Ila Damia, Sona One, Faliq Fahmie, Xema Suhaimi, Tengku Adil, Luna Rahman, Amir Azizi, Azreel Azhar, Soulzoul & The Gang, Syakir Iman, Diandra Arjunaidi, Fafaraa, Amir Jahari, One Nation Emcees, Daiyan Trisha, Sarimah Ibrahim, Rina Omar, Sharifah Sofia, Karl Shafek, Fauziah Gous, Fazley Yaakob, Hujan & more. Admission is FREE.

This is very well-edited video of Hyrul’s music video launch a month back. Can’t wait to do more events!

Last weekend, I had some Singaporean guests over. Remember the Raya video I showed you a few weeks back? Guess what? My mentor Fazley Yaakob and I decided to sign them via our respective companies, FIPRO and Gumbira. Our first joint-venture project! We recorded over at Rafikoncept at Taman Tun, a luscious acoustic song. Can’t wait to present to you guys their new name and the song that Fazley wrote and composed, and Rafik and I produced. You just wait.


Visited SMK Kajang Utama for a motivational program with Fazley. Never fails to make me all fuzzy inside thinking about when I was back in secondary school. Thanks SMKKU!

I produced Hyrul Anuar’s album, and this song got its video treatment done recently. Enjoy!