Fazley Yaakob was presented with the gift that keeps on giving; a third son. And what do bestfriends do when their famous friend’s wife gives birth (again)? You call the press. So I did.

Major thanks to Murai, Mstar, Metro Harian, Gua Malaysia, Budiey, Media Hiburan, Ohbulan, Beautifulnara, Selebritweets, Mangga Online, RotiKaya and more for the hook-up. I was damn proud to start my press release with “Saya ditugaskan untuk menyebarkan berita baik untuk keluarga beliau” (I am being entasked to distribute this good news on behalf of the family). So I present to you, my nephew; Piyush. Also check out his Papa Cool on my Tumblr.

p/s: To Fazley, congratulations to you and Kak Azrene. This one’s the home run!

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Two comments on “Uncle Nan”

  • Fazley Yaakob says:

    Thank you so very much Nan..Payish Piyash Piyush sent their biggest love to their uncle Nan! Thanks a mile from all of us, kak azrene, ibu bapak and myself! Thank you to those of you who have helped us publish stories/pictures of our special moment too!

  • Azrene says:

    Nan, thank you so much for being a pillar of support to Fazley, the children and I throughout this pregnancy and beyond. Thank you for welcoming the kids into your life- you will always be their Uncle Nan, the person they look out for whenever the doorbell rings.

    Thank you to those who published photos and wrote articles to welcome the birth of our dear son.

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