Some members of the Singapore Malay media will be receiving some eye-popping invitations to a private event on the 23rd September 2011 concerning Hyrul Anuars first music video. Although I’m only the producer for his album, I sibuk-sibuk and got myself involved in the process of the video (shot in SG, while I was in KL) helmed by the same Ridwan who did my ‘Ghaibmu’ video back in 2007 and helped put together a plan, in which, we (Hyrul and I), whilst at Bras Basah Complex one fine Raya day, came up with this invitation. Check out the trailers at his Facebook. Clap clap for Hyrul for managing all of this on his own!

P/S: Those coming on the 23rd, please take note of the road closures due to F1 Singapore.

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