There’s Ridwan Ajmain’s children: Natasha, Farhana, Hisyam, Nabilah, Firdaus (not pictured: Raudhah), Muhammad Ajmain’s son Syarifuddin (not pictured: Asyraf who is in China), and the eldest here arwah Johan Ajmain’s daughter, Norhayatee (not pictured: Sulastree, and Khalid). Cousins not pictured are the children of Jamsyid Ajmain in Ipoh, Malaysia (Dzul, Zarina, Suraya, Dzachary), the children of arwah Abdul Jalal Ajmain (Shaharuddin, Suzana) the children of arwah Nuraini Ajmain, one is my bestfriend; Hidier, one is Rizal, and Halimatul Saadiah in New York! Much love to Kak Yaya and my sister in the Netherlands! Sorry you guys missed this!

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