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Thanks to Asmidar for the write-up on the WhoLah party. For more information on WhoLah, visit



I was the host for Hyrul’s music video launch! Came back in a hurry, left in a hurry. Shout-outs to PlayPause for the quick artwork and printing services, especially the paddle. I wanted to have a backdrop and get folks to pose infront of it, have their pictures taken, a la red carpet. They could upload quickly onto their social media networks and my job would be done. But two things; the party was private and the reception at the Arts House sucked big time! So Hyrul and I decided to come up with paddles! Awesome idea. Can’t wait to do another event. To check out more pictures from Hyrul’s event, you can go to the gallery at his Facebook Fanpage. Thanks to all media friends who came too! Picture above from Izone.

My good friend Nadrah gave birth to a healthy Nurah Ameerah. Went over to her MIL’s beautiful home in Woodlands over the weekend in Singapore. Ten points for the chinaware and the chocolate-strawberry cake fresh from the oven.

I accompanied Fazley in the shooting of TV3’s ‘GPS Iman’ an Islam-centric program for teenagers, and for the fardhu kifayah bit, I got to accompany Fazley on his episode where he helped slaughter a cow for lunch. Yes, for lunch. The other pictures are not really safe for blogging, but you can check out the gallery over at Fazley’s Facebook.


This is my newest nephew, Muhd Aydin, the firstborn to my first cousin Muhd Hidier and his wife Zafeera. All the people who I sang at their weddings are having babies. You know what they say; free smells!

This is the beautiful Sabahan singer, Marsha. We were professionally associated for a bit when I was signed to the label she is with today. However, after I’ve left, the boss kindly asked if I could arrange the vocals and harmonies for the recording of this song which she herself composed with Eenaz Mokhtar. It was recorded at Noisy Bunch TTDI a few months ago, and this wonderful video was done by the video folks at Alibi Music. Well done Aidi! Thank you Alibi and thank you Marsha!

This guy’s message is straight-forward but his story-telling approach is just brilliant. Give him a TV show already! The video comments are filled with fans asking irrelevant skincare and hairstyle questions; what a PR/endorsement fantasy, this one. That’s Malaysian ingenuity for you! Oh ya, it seems when someone does something good (sing, dance, act, joke, or motivate), everybody else will love them for everything else (nice hair, nice skin, nice clothes!). Funny how the world works, but it seems to work best for us here. Happy Malaysia Day everyone!

Some members of the Singapore Malay media will be receiving some eye-popping invitations to a private event on the 23rd September 2011 concerning Hyrul Anuars first music video. Although I’m only the producer for his album, I sibuk-sibuk and got myself involved in the process of the video (shot in SG, while I was in KL) helmed by the same Ridwan who did my ‘Ghaibmu’ video back in 2007 and helped put together a plan, in which, we (Hyrul and I), whilst at Bras Basah Complex one fine Raya day, came up with this invitation. Check out the trailers at his Facebook. Clap clap for Hyrul for managing all of this on his own!

P/S: Those coming on the 23rd, please take note of the road closures due to F1 Singapore.

Thanks to the folks at Tupai. This was taken during Melodi Raya TV3 2011 at PWTC.

Fazley Yaakob was presented with the gift that keeps on giving; a third son. And what do bestfriends do when their famous friend’s wife gives birth (again)? You call the press. So I did.

Major thanks to Murai, Mstar, Metro Harian, Gua Malaysia, Budiey, Media Hiburan, Ohbulan, Beautifulnara, Selebritweets, Mangga Online, RotiKaya and more for the hook-up. I was damn proud to start my press release with “Saya ditugaskan untuk menyebarkan berita baik untuk keluarga beliau” (I am being entasked to distribute this good news on behalf of the family). So I present to you, my nephew; Piyush. Also check out his Papa Cool on my Tumblr.

p/s: To Fazley, congratulations to you and Kak Azrene. This one’s the home run!

I packed my stuff, and made them pull my house. I am now sitting comfortably away from the Kota Damansara jam. It was the best thing ever for 2011. (Check out my Tumblr)


I was invited to sing for the first WhoLah party organized by Carrefour. Basically, it’s an iPhone/iPad app you can download, connect with your Facebook, and you can play the guessing game (matching names to faces of friends on your Facebook) and score actual prizes that you can claim over at Carrefour.

Thanks guys for having me appear at your party! I sang with this awesome band, Thing One, and did Stevie’s “Lately” and Chaka’s “Through The Fire”. How appropriate my man Altimet was in the crowd and tweeps teased that I sang the song for him, in the midst of his “Malaysian Boy” Kanye Controversy. Trust me, publishing and copyright law is simpler than it seems! All the pictures are uploaded to my Facebook. Look out for the WhoLah app at your friendly app store.

I produced this song, and we’re launching it big soon! Keep a look out, and Like him on Facebook:

Went to see Adil play at the Esplanade when I was back in Singapore for Raya. He was dressed in a Baju Melayu with chapal, and served pineapple tarts to the audience. Awesome atmostphere and the songs were appropriate for the setting. Can’t wait for his first single out on Malaysian radio soon. Good luck Adil!

There’s Ridwan Ajmain’s children: Natasha, Farhana, Hisyam, Nabilah, Firdaus (not pictured: Raudhah), Muhammad Ajmain’s son Syarifuddin (not pictured: Asyraf who is in China), and the eldest here arwah Johan Ajmain’s daughter, Norhayatee (not pictured: Sulastree, and Khalid). Cousins not pictured are the children of Jamsyid Ajmain in Ipoh, Malaysia (Dzul, Zarina, Suraya, Dzachary), the children of arwah Abdul Jalal Ajmain (Shaharuddin, Suzana) the children of arwah Nuraini Ajmain, one is my bestfriend; Hidier, one is Rizal, and Halimatul Saadiah in New York! Much love to Kak Yaya and my sister in the Netherlands! Sorry you guys missed this!

Ok here are 13 of my younger relatives. Their grandma’s mother and my grandaunt’s late husband’s late mother are siblings. It makes me their uncle, I suppose. Imagine the family tree! Thanks Afiq for the pictures!

Awesome! Hope to work with them one day.